Why You should Use Messenger Lite and Why not

Why You should Use Messenger Lite and Why not

August 25, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Messenger is the most popular messaging platform for Android and iOS OS users. It has been able to meet all the requirements of Facebook users to connect people all over the world.  There is no limitation to get connected with your dear ones in this app. It provides quick, easier and lengthy conversation is right away on your phone without any cost. It only uses your data plan. But considering some disadvantages of using this app, Facebook developer has launched a lightweight version “Messenger Lite”. Today, my aim is to let you know why you would use messenger lite for the better experience.

    Reasons to Use Messenger lite:

    You will be glad to know the reasons for using the skimmed version of messenger. People who already use facebook’s lite version app are quite satisfied with the version.

    Facebook users need to use messenger forcefully to send text messages, voice or video calls. This messaging app has many additional features. That’s why many people use this app even without a facebook account associated with their contact number. But there are also some practical reasons for uninstalling messenger and switch to messenger’s lightweight version. I have tried many alternatives of facebok messenger but I found the lite version really worthy of using.

    Messenger Lite is available in many countries. Unfortunately, In the USA this app is still not accessible. Else, only Android phone users can install this app for now. It is not available for iOS platform. So, iPhone users are gonna miss it until it is available in app store.

    Let’s know some beneficial reasons to install messenger lite app right away on Android device.

    1. Save Space on Your Android Phone:

    Messenger app for iPhones and Android phones are around 48 MB in size. But the size swells to more than 300 MB in size after installing. So, this app uses much space of your phone.

    Messenger Lite is 5 MB in size and may use 15 MB space of your phone. Phone memory is a very important thing for the multi apps users. Else, this app creates less cached data on your android phone. So, why would you risk of running out of space when you can save a good amount of space?

    1. Fast in 2G Network:

    Still, there are some areas which are out of 3/4G network coverage. So, it is quite impossible to run Messenger app smoothly there. Sometimes the app might not get connected even. Luckily the lite version smoothly runs in 2G network coverage. So, you don’t need to worry about if you’re in low internet connection. It loads faster even in low-end phones. This lightweight version also reduces data usage. So, This is a very good reason to use Messenger lite.

    1. Save Battery Percentage:

    Well, battery percentage is always a concern for every smartphone users. Facebook and messenger are wholly responsible for battery drain. Personally, I experience less battery power being used while using the lite version. So, I prefer lite messenger to save my phone’s battery power.

    1. Less Ram Usage:

    I already told Messenger uses large space of your phone storage. It also affects on ram usage. It consumes more than 200 MB when you open it and uses around 150 MB running in the background. Even you close the app, it spends 50-100 MB. Basically, it’s a ram hungry app.

    On the other hand, you’ll be amazed by the difference of lite version. The Messenger lite consumes 80/90 MB while you keep running it open and 59.64 MB when you run in the background. Well, it only uses 2-10 MB being closed. So, many of you might install the lite version right now on your android phone. In my opinion, This is the main reason low end smartphone users started using Messenger Lite.

    1. Features for Better Experience:

    Sending stickers, links and text messages are very much enjoyable in the lite version. You can also make audio calls to your friends.  Else, you can also see other contents people send to you.

    The disadvantages of Using Messenger Lite:

    Along with all the advantages, there are some disadvantages of using lite version. So, let’s know them.

    • Like Messenger, you can’t enjoy video calls in the current Messenger Lite version.
    • People who send or receive money through messenger can’t have this opportunity in the lite version.
    • You can’t even send GIFs to your best friend.
    • Lite version doesn’t have Group tab available.
    • The very popular feature “My day” isn’t here unfortunately.

    Considering the compatibility between Messenger and its lite version you should choose the right one for you. Personally, I use Messenger lite in my android phone since the day it launched in Google Play Store.

    Featured Image Credit: Facebook Newsroom