Why Should You Use Facebook Lite on Android Phone

Why Should You Use Facebook Lite on Android Phone

September 4, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Facebook has another new Android app called Facebook Llite. You can get it from Google Play Store. It is a version of Facebook built scratch. This app runs smoothly with poor network connection even on 2G. Even you have got a smartphone with lower quality; you can use this facebook Lite on your android phone. Is the app better to use? Well, there are many benefits of using Facebook Lite android app.

    using facebook lite

    Reasons & Benefits of Using Android App Facebook Lite:

    You can use all the three apps – Facebook, messenger, and Facebook Lite on any android device. You may have the faster internet connection with the latest Android devices but the reasons are many to download it.

    Actually, Lite means something with lightweight feelings. The app takes up to 195 MB with the forcefully installed messenger to messaging. Facebook Lite is only 1 MB and after installed its size is 2.82 MB. Before you install the version you should read Reasons to Uninstall Facebook now. I am sure you are going to delete the app and will download the lite version. You won’t have to use differently another app like a messenger in this version of the app. You can also use messenger without having a facebook account.

    Let’s not wasting your time, I am going to tell you guys about those solid reasons to download Facebook Lite on your Android phone now.

    1. Diminish Your Data Usage:

    Sometimes, you recharge your phone and it gets dumped faster. Most of our phone’s data is used for apps. One of the bigger data suckers is Facebook app. Everyone already knew it and searching how to deal with it. Well, the solution is downloading lite. As it is very light to use and use very data of your phone. You can even use it on 2G network coverage very easily. If you’re not sure about it then compare the stats with your present and earlier data usage after installing the app.

    1. Saves Your Battery Power:

    Battery life may depend on so many things like screen light, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data usage, Music, Gaming, NFC and many more. But one thing we already may know that Facebook is one of a battery drainer culprit. Else, there are other many apps that kill phone’s power. Gladly, Lite is not at a battery drainer app. You can easily run your phone for more duration while it has installed the lite app. Actually, facebook lite was designed too lightweight to chew battery power and data.

    1. Improve Your Experience:

    What makes your experience better? Indeed, faster speed, easy to access, less data usage, full functionality and much more. Actually, all these qualities are included in this app. You can access facebook lite anywhere from any low internet coverage. It works smoothly even with 2G coverage. You can also do every access like you do on desktop site or Facebook app. There is nothing you can’t access to managing pages, groups, and other things.

    1. Its 1 MB size really matters:

    No one can imagine an android app’s size within 1 MB. It is actually a fantasy for me. A social networking app of 1 MB size is kind of an impossible thing for me. But it’s not a matter of surprise that the lite version is less than 1 MB. So, it won’t occupy much space on your phone and ram. Even after installing, this app requires only 2-3 MB in size.

    1. Less Cache Data:

    Every android app has some cached data stored on the phone. It requires much space of the phone and speeds up the performance of the app.  In this way, it saves your phone’s data and data usage. But cached data has some negative aspects also. It increases system memory and causes hang problem. So, sometimes it is needed to delete those cached data time to time. If I talk about lite then it creates less cached data. You can check it by going to the App info section.

    So, it will be a good choice if you move on to the Facebook lite app. It is really worth replacing the original app.