Record Screen without Any Third Party Software in Windows 10

Record Screen without Any Third Party Software in Windows 10

August 16, 2018 By kirsten

    Sometimes, We may need to record our computer screen. But, There are a very few quality screen recorders which offer free service. Most of them offer 1 or 2 months free trial. Some programs let you record without purchasing any licenses. But, All of your recorded videos will have that software’s water mark. That is sound annoying. But, You can get relief from that disgusting situations, If you have windows 10 in your PC/ Notebook / Tab! Yes, This windows version has builtin screen recorder that can be used unlimited times for free.

    How to Record Screen with Builtin Windows 10 Screen Recorder – No Third Party Programs Needed:

    If you play games in your windows 10 PC, You may notice a feature. When you open a game, You will see a notification message like “Press Win + G to take a screenshot” in a small green box. We will use this technique. Here are details:

    Common Way:

    • First of all, Press Windows Key + G from your keyboard.
    • Now, You will be asked “Do you want to open gamebar?“. Then choose “Yes, This is a game“.
    • In gamebar, You will have several options like Screenshot (Camera Icon), Record that (Reload Icon), Start Recording (Record Icon), Settings (Setting Icon). Just click on Record button to start recording.

    gamebar windows 10 start recording screen

    • If you want to stop screen recording, Just press Win + G again and click on Stop button.
    • Your recorded video will be automatically saved.

    Start / Stop Recording by Keyboard Shortcut:

    If you love smart and fast working, Probably, You prefer keyboard shortcuts. Here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts to record screen in windows 10.

    • Press Win + ALT + R to start / stop screen recording.
    • Win + Alt + M for microphone recording on/off.
    • Win + Alt + T to show / hide timer.

    Control Screen Recorder Audio / Video Quality:

    You also can control video encoding very easily. To do it –


    • Open Xbox app in windows 10.
    • Go to Settings and click on Game DVR tab.
    • Scroll down. You will find related options.

    You can control your audio bitrate, Video resolution and quality.

    Where You will Find all Screen Recorded Videos:

    You will find any recorded videos by builtin screen recorder, In your Videos folder. It is located This PC > Videos > Captures.