Record Voice Call on Your Windows 10 Mobile

Record Voice Call on Your Windows 10 Mobile

August 9, 2018 By alberto

    Windows 10 mobile is the latest mobile operating system of Microsoft. It has voice call recording feature. Lumia 950 & 950 XL are the first devices which have latest windows mobile OS. But windows phone 8.1 users also can upgrade to windows 10 mobile. Many Lumia 640 XL users have done this job. In past, Windows phone has not any native call recording option. But now the latest version allows users to record gsm, 3g or any voice calls. Probably, This is one of the best changes from Microsoft. You can easily record your calls. But before that you have to enable this native recording service.

    How to Enable Native Voice Call Recorder in Windows Phone 10:

    This is not a big deal. To enable it in your lumia devices like 950, 950 xl or 640 xl (Upgraded to Windows 10 mobile), Follow the steps below –

    • At first navigate to Settings > System > Phone.
      wp 10 mobile settings phone
    • Now scroll down. You will see ‘Choose the app you want to use to manage recorded phone calls‘ at the bottom.
    • You will see there is set None as default. Tap on that and select Voice Recorder.
      selecting native voice recorder on windows 10 mobile
    • Now you have done enabling native call recorder of your lumia device (Windows 10 mobile). Let’s follow the next steps.

    How to Record Voice Call in Your Latest Microsoft Lumia Devices:

    After enabling the call recording service, Now it is time to use it.

    • To record a voice call, Simply call any person.
    • When you are in call, You will see an extra option ‘Record‘.
    • Simply tap on Record to start recording voice call.
      recording voice call on windows phone 10 mobile
    • Now it’s time to listen recorded voice call.

    How to Listen:

    To listen, Follow the steps below –

    • Open your phone app.
    • Open menu. You will see a new option ‘Recorded Calls‘.
    • Tap on that. You will find all of your recorded voice calls.
    • You can play and listen easily.

    playing & listening recorded voice calls mp4 in windows 10 mobile

    All of your recorded files are in MP4 format at 174 bitrate.

    source: TechFalls & Windows Central

    Video: How to Record Voice Call on Lumia 950 XL

    I don’t know any third-party app that can help you to record voice calls on windows 10 mobile. If you have any suggestion, You are welcome to share with us.