Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone by Using These Methods

Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone by Using These Methods

October 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Did you lose all your iPhone contacts? Hope that you don’t, but if you have truly lost the contact details from your iPhone because of any reason, you can still recover deleted or lost contacts. Recovery of such an important data is very crucial otherwise you would have to collect them again. And maybe you don’t get all of the important numbers back. How to get them back? You need to search the answer but no problem if you don’t find the answer anywhere else then you will definitely get it here.

    There is not a single way or method to collect them back as there are multiple options to recover them. Here, we are going to reveal not only one but three different means to do so. Recovering them is simple and easy, just use any of the three ways that are given below.

    Get Your Lost iPhone Contacts Back by Using Any of the Given Methods

    Here are the three excellent ways to get back your lost contacts on iPhone.

    restoring backup of iphone using itunes

    Method 1- Restore Deleted Contacts From iTunes Backup

    Keeping a backup or copy of essential data is a good habit, and if you have also kept a backup of iPhone contacts on iTunes, then your problem is solved. However, you can’t read the backup file of iTunes; but still, you can recover deleted or lost contacts. Connect iPhone to a computer and open iTunes, wait till it detects your phone, then go to file option, click on devices and then choose to restore from backup. If you don’t see this option then right clicks the iPhone icon you will get the option. You will see a backup file, click on restore and done!

    But, select the backup file carefully as you may lose the newly created data such as messages, contact, music, photo or another data. Choose the option “extract the backup file” to avoid it and then restore the iPhone contacts by selectively choosing the contacts.

    restoring iphone backup using mac fonelab

    Method 2Restore iPhone Contacts by Using iPhone Data Recovery

    The third and last one is an absolute way to quickly recover deleted contacts for iPhone.

    You can follow these steps to complete the data recovery process.

    Step1- Connects iPhone to a computer and run iPhone data recovery program

    Step2- Chooses the scanning mode for your iPhone device. Press the home and power button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Release the only power button and again hold for 15 seconds. The program will scan your device.

    restoring iphone contacts using mac fonelab

    Step 3- You will see a preview of all data, click on contacts and recover. Use the slide button and Click only on lost data to filter the result of scanning.

    restore icloud backup

    Method 3Restore Deleted Contacts From iCloud Backup

    To use this method go to settings and then click on general, move to the storage and iCloud usage. There you will see an option of “manage storage” that contains all the backups. Find the backup file that you need to restore by browsing the date stamps. Save the important files and data and then click on restore. Then erase all content by resetting it. Recover the data from old backup by saying “yes” and selecting the correct backup.

    You can prefer any method, but the second method is a secure and most preferred one to recover deleted contacts and other SMS, photos, videos, music etc.