Recover Deleted Files (Ctrl+Shift+Delete)

September 5, 2018 By alberto

    Deleted data/files can be important sometimes. Or you may delete any of your essential files by mistake. After this mistake you become restless to get back your data. You are searching for recovery software and you get so many recovery softwares. But most of the times you have to be disappointed because you haven’t any idea about these softwares. Or these softwares don’t work very good. But the truth is most of the good working recovery softwares aren’t free at all. You need to pay. But sometimes you may find your paid recovery software doesn’t work well.  Surely it you will destroy your hope. Then what you will do?

    Recover Deleted Files upset girl

    Don’t lose your hope. I’m here to assist you all. Today i’ll discuss how to recover deleted files by a free software. If you follow me, you can recover your deleted files. Even you can recover your deleted files, which have been deleted by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete on your keyboard. Anyway, no more talk. Lets know the trick.

    How To Recover Deleted Files By A Free Recovery Software (100% Working):

    It’s quit easy. Just follow the steps.


    1. First of all download a software called Tokiwa Data Recovery  by clicking here.

    2. Extract the the downloaded folder.

    file recovery 1 deleted data

    3. Now open the folder and run DataRecovery.EXE

    4. Now select your local disk which one contained your deleted files and click on scan.

    free recovery 2 deleted

    5. It will take a minute. If you select deep scan it may require a few minutes even it may require more than one hour. It is dependent on your disk size.

    6. After scanning, you will see a file list where your deleted file name is listed.

    7. Now select that file and click on recover.

    data recovery 3 xtremerain

    8. You need to select a location where your recovered files will be placed.

    9. Now enjoy!.

    Watch How To Recover Deleted Files (Ctrl+Shift+Delete):


    If you haven’t any issue with your disk drive, this software can recover every deleted files you want.