How to Recover Deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy

How to Recover Deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy

August 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Text messages is an astounding way to communicate with your dear ones, colleagues and family member to this day. And with the new Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you can even send audio and picture messages as well as video messages without any issue. In addition, the most important information come through text messages these days like bank account statement, credit card bills, daily offers and not to mention the precious messages from your loved ones. So, it is quite self-explanatory that you must have piles of text messages stored in your Samsung Galaxy inbox that will be very important and precious to you and there is no way you can lose them.

    But smartphones are really very delicate and it can automatically delete the messages from your device if it malfunctions. For instance, data loss are often observed if you fail to root your smartphone successfully, if you fail to update its firmware properly or even you can delete them accidentally with a simple slide of your finger. Now, if you never meant to delete them then it can be an issue because those messages could contain some important information that you cannot let go. And to rescue you from this situation, we are writing this guide to inform you how to recover deleted SMS from your Samsung Galaxy or any other Android smartphone.

    Of course, your messages cannot be recovered using any in-built features provided by Android but we can use a third party data recovery software to get back your lost text messages in no time. But you must be careful downloading any software off the internet because most of them are either viruses or malwares or they are simply click baits to download programs that doesn’t work at all.

    Now, if we are talking about reputable and safe programs then TunesBro DiskLab for Android is the best and most trusted software downloaded by millions of people to restore deleted files and data from your Android smartphones. It scans your smartphone thoroughly and searches for every deleted files and then let you preview before restoring them. Not only you can recover text messages but also you can recover other data types such as music, videos, WhatsApp chat, contacts, messages, etc.  Moreover, it works with over 6000+ smartphones models and can be worked from both Windows as well as Mac systems.

    Top features of TunesBro DiskLab for Android

    • Recover any kind of file type on your Android smartphone such as music, videos, messages, contacts and other data types.
    • Supports over 6000+ smartphone models.
    • Guarantees the highest recovery rate in data recovery software industry.
    • Free to try, no upfront fee is required.
    • Free lifetime upgrades.

    How to Use TunesBro to Retrieve Deleted Android SMS

    Recovering text messages from Samsung Galaxy by using this program is as easy as a piece of cake. It literally takes two whole steps and your desirable data will be recovered before you can even imagine. Use the following manual guide to recover SMS from your Samsung Galaxy phone –

    Step 1. Install and Run the Program

    As we mentioned, this program is free to try and over 4 million people downloaded it, so it is absolutely safe and secure program to use. Next, install the software by finishing the installation setup and run it on your PC to start the recovering process.

    Recover Deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy Android

    Step 2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to PC and enable USB debugging mode

    This part is very simple as well and you must have done it several times before too. Using a USB data cable, connect your phone to PC and it should be easily detected by the program. Next, turn on the USB debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone by going to Settings > Developer options > Turn USB Debugging mode.

    Step 3. Start Recovering SMS in one click

    Now, click on “Start Scan” and let the software analyze your Samsung Galaxy phone thoroughly. Once done, it should let you preview all the deleted files in a categorized folders. You can check all folders to search for the deleted files. But to recover deleted text messages, click on “Messages” from the left sidebar and select all the messages that you want to recover.

    tunesbro recover android sms

    Now simply click on “Recover” from the bottom of the software and save it on your system.


    To avoid losing any kind of data from your smartphone in future, make a habit of generating backup of your smartphones regularly on a weekly basis. But even if you accidentally delete or lose any kind of data from your smartphone then you can always TunesBro Android data recovery program to get back all the lost files. To gain more information about the software, please visit the official website and check all the features by yourself.