Recover Deleted SMS Text Messages on Your iPhone

Recover Deleted SMS Text Messages on Your iPhone

October 27, 2018 By kirsten

    iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones out there, with a number of features that everyone is able to use. Whether it’s for a child or adult, businessman or student, just about anyone can find great use and entertainment from an iPhone! Not only is it an excellent source of communication and helping make lifestyle productive, but it is also a source of entertainment, with games and other forms of media being able right at your fingertips. Millions own an iPhone, using it as a way to message people around the world. But here’s the clincher: How will you be able to recover deleted messages from your iPhone?

    Why Recover Deleted Messages from Your iPhone?

    You’re probably thinking, “Why should I bother recovering these deleted messages?” Since you have deleted them anyway, why would you want to get them back?

    This all depends on the situation. Some people end up accidentally deleting important messages, or deleting them only to want it back for its information. Sometimes, children or friends who borrow your phone accidentally delete your messages, or people do it on purpose to compromise you! It’s an accident or unfortunate incident everyone may have gone through at least once in their life. It can be funny, or it can be serious. Either way, it needs to be solved!

    While you may think that there isn’t any more hope as to recovering that deleted text message, don’t go texting apologizing and asking to resend the whole conversation again. This can be used as a shameful last resort when nothing else works. It’s better to solve it on your own before succumbing to such options, especially if it is a professional contact you are speaking with.

    How to Recover Deleted SMS Text Messages on iPhone

    iPhone is known to have a lot of sources of communication exclusive for Apple users. There is Facetime and iMessage, as well as having its own browser called Safari. But in this article, we show you how to recover accidentally deleted SMS text messages on an iPhone.

    There are different methods as to how you will be able to retrieve these deleted text messages. Here are some methods that are simple and will take only a few minutes to do:

    1. Using iCloud

    Unfortunately, you may not be able to backup your SMS text messages from iCloud depending on where you are from. You can check if iCloud is able to retrieve your deleted messages through these steps:

    icloud backup iphone

    • Log on to
    • Click on Text Messages (If nothing is there, that means this method will not work).
    • Search for the messages you need
    • Go to your iPhone and go to Settings > iCloud
    • Turn off Messages and a popup will appear. Select “Keep on My iPhone”.
    • Turn Messages back on and press Merge
    • In a few minutes, your deleted text messages will be recovered into your iPhone.

    2. Using iTunes

    This will work unless your automatic sync is disabled, and you have deleted your text messages after it’s last backup or sync. If automatic sync is enabled, follow these steps:

    recover deleted text messages using itunes

    • Connect your PC or Macbook to your iPhone and sync it with iTunes
    • Choose Restore Backup
    • The data that was in your phone before will now be back. It will take a few minutes to load, so just wait a bit.

    3. Using another app

    You can actually use third-party apps from the App Store or your PC in order to retrieve any deleted SMS text messages from your iPhone. Simply install the reputable software into your PC and follow the instructions. Some of these software are free, while some may cost a bit. But it’s usually no more than a few bucks, and what’s a bit of money in order to restore important information?

    Third Party App to Recover Deleted SMS Text Messages on Your iPhone

    4. Asking your phone provider or Apple Support

    If you are on a plan, then your network provider may have kept any data or information of your text messages. Contact them or Apple Support to see if they have backed up files of your text messages for them to send via email. This isn’t the surefire way, but why not give it a shot?

    5. Ask for a resending of messages from the contact

    If push comes to shove, then you may have to ask your contact to resend the message again. It’s a bit embarrassing, but you can laugh about it later on!

    Prevent Deleting Text Messages

    It’s best to avoid such situations so as not to waste time and effort going through the process again. Create a backup for your text messages, as well as keeping important messages in other files. Also, read the message and avoid being clumsy by deleting them! You can try checking Settings > Accessibility if they have any options for that.

    If you have a child or someone uses your phone, you can actually have a passcode or install an app that requires a passcode when someone borrows your phone. Use it for certain apps such as Messages and Photos to avoid prying eyes from going into or compromising any private information.  Or if you can, have them use another mobile device if they do need to borrow a phone. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

    In Conclusion

    And there you have it. Now, there’s no need to be frustrated over deleting text messages by accident, because you can use any of these methods in order to recover them. If none of these work, then you may be able to contact Apple Support for more help, or search online for any other methods. Or, you can have a professional check it out as well. You can always find solutions so long as you try your best! Do you have any new methods on how to recover your deleted SMS text messages from your iPhone? Comment it down below!