How to Recover unsaved Microsoft Office Documents

How to Recover unsaved Microsoft Office Documents

October 18, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    A perk about Microsoft Office is that you are able to get your work done efficiently. From Powerpoint to Excel files, you are able to have access to all the files as well as edit and create them yourself. Unfortunately, there will be times that you may not be able to save them. Accidents happen, and you might have accidentally exited your document without saving, or your PC shuts down with no warning whatsoever. It’s very frustrating and a hassle to have to start anew, especially when you’ve spent hours creating that file! But there is good news! You will still be able to recover your unsaved files, so not all will be lost. So how will you be able to recover unsaved files from Microsoft office?

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    Recovering an Unsaved Microsoft Office File

    This will be for Word 2016, which will also be similar with other Microsoft Office programs such as Excel and Powerpoint. These steps are also compatible with older versions, but the position of the settings may be different, so just sleuth around. Here’s how to recover your unsaved Microsoft Office File:

    1. Reopen the Microsoft Office program you were using before it crashed and click File
    2. Go to Info then Manage Document
    3. Choose “Recover Unsaved Documents”
    4. It will now show a folder with the unsaved files. Choose the one you need and click Open

    Microsoft Office has had recovery mode for quite some time now, which is great for those who often deal with crashes or accidentally exit without saving by accident.

    Changing How Microsoft Office Saves Files

    You can also opt to change your recovery settings and have Office NOT save these unsaved files to save up on space, as well as where you would like to save it or how you want it saved. Here’s how:

    1. Go to File, then Options
    2. Go to Save, then look at “Save Documents” secton
    3. There you will see the settings you may want to tweak when saving temporary or unsaved files. Once you have the desired settings, click OK and restart the program for those settings to take action.
    customizing ms office document save preferences

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    You may decide on how long Microsoft Office will take to save documents automatically, or if you even want it to save these documents. It’s recommended to keep your Autosave feature on for the just in cases. After all, you wouldn’t want to have the hassle of trying to recover your unsaved Microsoft Office File through difficult means!

    Prevent Microsoft Office Unsaved Files From Disappearing

    There are ways to prevent this from happening again. Here are some tips to avoid your unsaved files from being gone and having the hassle to recover it:

    • Always make a backup of your files
    • Save your document regularly. Every few minutes or so may just save you!
    • Make sure your PC is in good shape and won’t be shutting down anytime soon. Have it charged.
    • Have your PC and Microsoft Office up to date to avoid crashes

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