Add Recurring Tasks, Events in Outlook Calendar

Add Recurring Tasks, Events in Outlook Calendar

October 17, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Definitely, Microsoft Outlook Calendar is one of the finest calendar services for anyone. Both for professionals and students, It can be very useful. For example, University faculty can add his class schedules, Students can add their routine, Other professionals can add their meeting date etc. in outlook. It will remind them about their upcoming tasks and events. Actually, It is very easy to use. But, When it comes to add recurring tasks, Some peoples may become confused. But, Sometimes we may need it badly. Specially, Students can’t add their class routine without adding repeating tasks. If they add entry for each class for next few months, It will be a very long process. In that case, Adding recurring tasks can save time.

    How to Add Recurring Tasks / Events in Outlook Calendar:

    You can do it in two ways. If you have outlook desktop app, It will be very easy. If you don’t have it, You can do it from web. I’ll discuss about both processes so that everyone can take benefits from it.

    customizing recurring tasks outlook web

    Add Recurring Task in Outlook Web:

    You should browse outlook calendar web version from desktop. Then you can add entry normally. Here are the full process.

    • At first, Visit:
    • Now, Click on View and choose Month.
    • Click on any specific date, You will be asked to give your event details.
    • But,You will click on View Details.
    • Now, Give fill all required things.
    • In left, You will see drop down option under How often. Click on it.
    • Now, Choose weekly or monthly or yearly depends on your preference.
    • If you select weekly, You will also need to define the days when you want to repeat this event. Also choose, How long this task will stay.
    • Now, Click on Save.

    From now, It will remind you about your regular task every specific days of each week.

    Add Recurring Task in Outlook Desktop App:

    If you have bough Microsoft Office desktop software or have office 365 subscription, You probably have the Outlook app. It allows you to sync and manage your emails and calendar. You also can add recurring events in it. Just follow these steps.

    • Open Outlook Desktop app.
    • Click on Calendar icon from the left bottom corner.

    adding recurring event outlook desktop

    • Right click on any date and choose New Recurring Event.
    • Now, Configure according to your preferences. In screen you will have all of your necessary options. So, You won’t need to worry. For better understanding see the screenshots.

    configuring recurring event outlook desktop

    • After doing everything, Save it.

    By this way, You can add all of your regular recurring tasks and events in outlook calendar. Specially, It can help you a lot, If you have a regular routine of work.