Reduce System Restore Disk Space Usage on Windows

Reduce System Restore Disk Space Usage on Windows

August 18, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Microsoft windows is so popular because of its features and user-friendliness. System restore is one of the coolest features. It lets you restore your windows to any previous stage. Normally, We use it to solve errors or get back normal performance. After all this is one of the most important features. But sometimes, You may need to modify its settings. If you have low disk space issue, You can reduce windows system restore disk usage limit. Because, Windows reserves an amount from your hard disk for system restore. Windows XP to 10 every versions have this feature.

    system restore screenshot

    When You should Decide to Reduce Windows System Restore Drive Space Usage Limit:

    There are many windows PC users who have small storage size. It may have two reasons. One is old PC doesn’t have a large space on hard disk. Two is you may have SSD which has less capacity than traditional SATA hard disk. Again, You may have less capacity on Local Disk C. Because of these, You may face low disk space issue. In that case, You can decide to lower your system restore disk usage limit.

    How to Decrease System Restore Disk Space Usage:

    This is very simple process. Here are the things you will need to do –

    • First of all open This PC properties. To do it, Open this PC, Right click on blank space. Now choose Properties. You also can right click on This PC on desktop and choose properties. You will see This PC on windows 10 and 8.1. But it is known in windows 7, 8 or vista as Computer. In XP, it is known as My Computer. If you think it is complex, You also can navigate directly here Control Panel > System and Security > System. It will open the same window.

    opening this PC Properties

    • Anyway, After opening it, Look at the left sidebar. You will see System Protection. Click on it.

    opening system protection

    • A new window will be opened. You will see all local drive list on Protection Settings section. Select local disk C or the drive where windows has been installed.
    • Now click on Configure.

    system protection windows

    • Now, You will have the necessary options to increase or decrease your windows system restore disk space usage.

    limit system restore space

    • Drag the slider to modify disk usage limit. Drag it from right to left to reduce system restore drive space usage. Drag it from left to right to increase limit.
    • By this way, You can easily control hard disk space usage limit of system restore.

    Delete Old Restore Points:

    If you have several restore points, It may use some of your hard disk space. It is better to delete old restore points except the most recent one. It will free up some spaces. To do it-

    • Go to This PC.
    • Right click on local Disk C.
    • Select Properties.

    disk cleanup system files

    • Click on Disk Cleanup.
    • Wait for a minute. A new window will be opened. Click on Cleanup System Files from there.
    • Now again wait for a moment. A new window will be opened.
    • Click on More Options tab.

    cleaning up system restore

    • Now click on Clean up from the System Restore and Shadow Copies section.
    • It will delete all old restore points but keep the latest one.

    These are the things you can do, If you want to make system restore to use less disk space. But if you don’t face low space issue, I won’t suggest you to do it.