How to Re-Install Google Play Services

How to Re-Install Google Play Services

September 23, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Reinstalling google play services is not a thing that can be done by following common ways. Actually, That’s why you are here. You’ve come here to find the way to uninstall google play services and install it again. I’ll try to give you the possible best solutions. So, Here we go –

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    Ways to Reinstall Google Play Services:

    You can follow two methods if you want to reinstall it. But, If you want to just uninstall it, You will need to follow the steps given at the bottom of the article.

    Method 1: Rooting Android to Reinstall Play Services

    First one is rooting your android device. But i never recommend to root any device though this is a very popular method. You can search on google for the steps to root your device. Then, You can uninstall google play services. You may need a root browser app to do it.

    Method 2: Deactivating Android Device Manager as Administrator

    It is a cool method. It actually lets you uninstall the updates and replace the google play services with default factory version. It works like reinstalling (not 100%). But, I recommend this method. You will need to follow these steps –

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    • First of all go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators.
    • Now, Tap on Android Device Manager to uncheck it.
    • After that you will be asked to deactivate ADM. Just, Tap on DEACTIVATE.
    • Now, Go to Settings > Apps and find the Google Play Services.
    • Tap on, Play Services and the tap on Uninstall Updates.
    • Now, Connect to your android device with Wi-Fi. Then try to install any latest app from play store. Your phone will automatically install the latest google play services with an update.

    How to Get Rid of Google Play Services:

    Actually, I never recommend you to disable or remove this app. Because, It acts like an API of most of the android apps. If you disable or deactivate or uninstall it, You won’t be able to use all features of all apps. Even, You may lose your existing settings that are saved in play services. After knowing it, If you still decide to disable google play services, Here are the processes –

    • Deactivate Android Device Manager like above method.
    • Now, Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services.
    • Tap on Disable.

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