Uninstall and Reinstall Default Mail App in Windows 10

Uninstall and Reinstall Default Mail App in Windows 10

October 7, 2018 By alberto

    Mail app in windows 10 mobile and PC is better one indeed. Actually, This outlook app is amazing for any users. That’s why it is also popular in android and iOS. Anyway, In windows 10 PC, You may feel it is not working as faster as before. So, You may decide to reinstall this app. But, It is not a common task that you are thinking. You won’t get any uninstall button when you right click on it. Even, There is no scope of removing it from Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.  So, What’s now? No problem. I’ll show you an amazing method that will let you uninstall this mail app. After that you can reinstall it. Actually, By this way, You can reinstall any windows 10 default apps.

    Know Before Removing Default Mail App:

    If you decide to remove this app, You should know that it may also clear your all existing emails and accounts. So, You may need to setup all accounts again and let it sync everything you want. The actual name of it is Mail and Calendar. So, You may lose all synced data of calendar. But, Don’t worry. You can sync them again. But, I strongly recommend you to create a system restore point before starting the windows 10 mail app removing process.

    How to Uninstall Default Mail App and Install it Again:

    Okay, Let’s start the procedure. But, Don’t forget to do what i mentioned above.

    Step 1: Get Mail App Package Name

    To remove any app, We must have that app’s package name. You can find it out very easily. Just, Follow these below instructions.

    • Open Windows Powershell as Administrator. To do it, You can open start menu and type “powershell”. Then, You will see Windows Powershell. Just right click on it and choose “Run as administrator”.
    • Now, Type Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers and hit enter.
    • Then, You will see all app package names with details. This list may be bigger than you expect. So, It can be tough for you to get what you are looking for. But, Be smart here. Just copy the whole powershell output and paste in Notepad++.
    • In notepad, Press CTRL + F from keyboard and type microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps. It will find this app. Now, Copy the whole package name. To understand more clearly, See the screenshot.


    Step 2: Uninstall Mail App

    After doing above steps, Do as mentioned below.

    • In powershell, Type the following command and you it will have you uninstalled default mail app of windows 10.
    Remove-AppxPackage FullPackageName

    Note: Don’t forget to replace FullPackageName with unique package name you have copied.


    Step 3:  Install Windows 10 Default Mail App Again

    It is so easy.

    • Just open Windows Store.
    • Search for “Mail and Calendar”.
    • Then, Install it in your PC.

    By this way, You can reinstall default mail app of windows 10.