How to Fix the Activation Error on Your iPhone

How to Fix the Activation Error on Your iPhone

October 19, 2018 By alberto

    iPhones pack in a lot of features and are known for their class and style. Being one of the top manufacturers of gadgets, it’s one of the most popular and quality phones one can buy. Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect. While Apple tries to eradicate errors in order to satisfy their loyal consumers, there may be some times where users experience issues, usually when it comes to activating their iPhone.

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    It’s unlikely to receive the activation error on your iPhone. But if ever you do receive it while trying to activate your iPhone, it can be tricky to remove.

    There are various reasons as to why you get the “Cannot activate your iPhone now” error. Apple may have server issues (which are rare), or you may have some issues with your phone, such as trying to activate a sim from a different network on a locked iPhone. Your iPhone may not have been able to be recognized by iTunes, too.

    Fix Activation Error on Your iPhone:

    It can get annoying, especially when you need your phone in order to communicate with other people, may it be for personal or business reasons. After all, how will you be able to contact someone when you can’t even open your own phone? So here are some ways to fix the error and get your iPhone activated and ready to use:

    • Wait – if it’s the first time seeing this error, try to wait and see if it’s Apple’s servers acting up. Wait for a few minutes and try it again. You can also try removing your sim card and putting it back in
    • Restart your phone – this is the usual solution to most problems. It isn’t the sure way, but chances of it working are high. Just restart it the way you would usually do on your iPhone.
    • Check your iPhone’s network. If it’s locked to a network and you’re using a sim card with a different network, it obviously won’t be able to activate. Contact support to find out how to activate your iPhone and sim card.
    • Check your wifi or mobile data. Change your wifi connection and see if that’s the problem.
    • Try activating your iPhone via iTunes by simply connecting your device to the PC. Turn it off and reboot it so iTunes will detect your device. Once it’s detected, it might ask you to activate your iPhone. Take note on the word might, as it doesn’t happen often.
    • Restore your iPhone if all else fails. Switch your iPhone off and connect it to your PC. Once iTunes is open and detects your device, choose to restore it and go through the process.
    • If that doesn’t solve the problem, contact Apple for help.

    If ever you have had your iPhone jailbroken or was hacked in any way, that may also be a reason as to why you aren’t able to activate it. But hopefully, any of the 7 solutions will be able to help you activate your iPhone with ease.

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