How to Remove Adware and Malicious Tracking Cookies

How to Remove Adware and Malicious Tracking Cookies

September 8, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Virus problem is a very common problem. We all know about this. We know about malware, spyware etc. These are really dangerous for your device. But there are other nightmares may destroy your days called adware and malicious tracking cookies. These have become the most common and dangerous problem after ransomware nowadays. You can’t detect them by most of the antivirus programs. Adware and tracking cookies make your web browsers’ performance horrible. Slowly it may affect your PC’s performance. But if you become a bit careful, you won’t face this adware and tracking cookie problem. Today, i’ll discuss how to remove adware and malicious tracking cookies. But before knowing the solution, you should know about them in details.

    remove adware & tracking cookies in chrome

    Adware & Tracking Cookies

    You all know about spyware, malware etc. Adware is also a computer virus like these. Like other viruses it also can attack your tab or mobile devices. Tracking cookies are some malicious scripts that provide your personal information including browsing data to third-party ad networks and adware providers.

    Sometimes, you may see some unexpected ads in your web browsers. It is because of adware and harmful tracking cookies. When you visit any websites, these ads will be appeared automatically. Some of them are too dangerous. They replace adsense or other trusted ad networks’ ads with some unexpected harmful social engineering ads. When you click on that ad, you may be redirected to blacklisted websites. So, You should be careful. Sometimes, You also may see that your browser is opening new tabs with various weird websites. These are most annoying things a victim can suffer from.

    Reasons Behind Being Victim of Adware & Malicious Tracking Cookie:

    If you watch porn regular, You will be more likely to be a victim of adware or tracking cookies. Because, No high authority and trusted ad networks serve their ads in porn sites. Many criminals use porn to get personal information of users. Else, Torrent sites and other low authority sites display ads from adware providers. So, If you are a regular visitor of these websites, Your PC or mobile will be affected by adware and tracking cookies. Inserting third-person’s pendrive, SD card is also another reason of this problem. So, You better scan them before inserting into your PC or mobile. Else, I found some other common reasons. These are –

    • Sometimes, you may see any attractive link. When you click on that link, adware will be automatically downloaded in your PC.
    • When you download a cracked software or a free software from an untrusted source, It also may download adware and other viruses with itself.
    • During installing a free software, you may be asked to give permission to install some other unknown softwares, toolbars in your PC. If you install them, you will be a victim of adware.
    • Some websites publish annoying ads like popup ads. Most of these ads are malware link. If you use a good antivirus, that will warn you about it. If you visit these websites, Adware & tracking cookies may be stored in your browser’s local storage. As a result you will face slow performance issue and may see unexpected ads when you visit any websites.
    • Sometimes, you may be asked to install unknown flash player or browser extensions. If you do that, you will be a victim of adware.

    Else there are many ways you can be a victim. If you don’t want to be a victim, Simply avoid these things.

    How To Remove Adware & Tracking Cookies:

    If you are already a victim of them, you may follow the steps below to remove theme easily. Lets know in details.

    1. Remove Unknown Softwares And Apps

    Check for unknown software or apps that you have not installed in your PC. To do it, Just go to Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features and see if there is any software that’s not installed by you. Remove them instantly. Because most of the time these unknown third party softwares create adware problems in your PC.

    2. Remove Unknown Addons and Extensions from Browsers

    Check if there is any unnecessary and unknown addons, plugins or extensions in your browsers. Delete them. Because these can create serious adware and tracking cookie problems.

    3. Reset Browser:

    Resetting browser will clean everything from your browser and also set it to its default stage. So, Any changes made by adware will be fixed automatically.

    4. Scan Your PC with Good Antivirus or Windows Defender

    You must have to scan your PC with a good antivirus. If you don’t have it, Just scan your PC with windows defender. It will surely find some malware and spyware and remove them.

    5. Use Adwcleaner

    Now download adware cleaner. Install it on your PC and scan for adware and clean them. It is very useful application. It has also premium version. You can purchase it too.

    6. Use Malwarebytes

    You also can use Malwarebytes to scan your PC. This will run deep scan for malicious stuffs and remove them.

    7. Use HitmanPro (Optional)

    HitmanPro is one of the best tool to remove malware, adware and malicious tracking cookies. You can download HitmanPro for your 32 bit or 64 bit PC. Then, Install it and run to scan and remove viruses.

    After removing adware and tracking cookies, You can remove adwcleaner, malwarebytes and hitman pro, If you want. But, Make sure that you know which are the main reasons of being a victim of adware or tracking cookies so that you can avoid them.

    Still Facing Adware Issue?

    If you are still experiencing same problem even after cleaning your PC, You can uninstall all web browsers and install them again. It should fix all adware and tracking cookies related problem. In case, It doesn’t work, You can consider a clean installation of windows.