How To Remove Autorun Virus

October 25, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Virus problem is really disrupt our normal computing. All of us must have a worst experience of computer viruses. So we need to know the solution. I’ll try to help you. I already told you how to remove shortcut virus. But Now i’m about to talk about autorun virus/ autorun.inf. 

    What Is Autorun Virus:

    Some times we may see that our hard disk drives or flash drives can’t be opened. It may show an option like Open With or Any error massage. Even it may show nothing. Why? Because of Autorun.inf that is known as Autorun virus. But today i’ll give you the solution to remove autorun virus/ autorun.inf. So lets know,

    autorun virus

    How To Remove Autorun Virus:

    First of all press windows key+R from your keyboard.

    Then type cmd and press enter.

    Now you will see command promt.

    Or you Can Directly Open Command Promt from start menu/Metro Menu

    how to remove autorun virus

    If your virus effected drive is D. Just type D: and press Enter.

    Now type this following codes and press enter.

    attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf 

    Now type del autorun.inf 

    Now see. Your problem has been solved.

    You can easily solve any autorun virus problem by this way.

    source: Tunerpata