How to Remove Cortana from Windows 10 Computer

How to Remove Cortana from Windows 10 Computer

August 6, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Windows 10 is definitely better with all modern features. But, Cortana makes it different than others. It is a digital assistant which can work according to your voice commands and also can recommend you the best things that you need. But, It needs to access your personal information in order to assist you better. So, You may want to remove cortana from your windows 10 computer. It is actually a bit tricky but easy to do.

    You may not want cortana to spy on you. But, Still cortana is very helpful in some cases. So, I suggest you not to remove cortana completely. Instead of doing this, You can disable it in your PC. That may be better for some users. I’ll also show you an way to remove it at the bottom of the article.

    How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10:

    Some users may try to change their region settings to cortana unsupported country to stop its functionality in their computers. But, It is not actually the solution. You can disable cortana from group policy or registry editor. As windows 10 home edition has not group policy editor, Homes users have to try to turn off cortana from registry.

    Disable cortana in windows 10 group policy

    1. Disable Cortana from Group Policy:

    This is the easiest way to turn off cortana in your computer. To do it, You will need to open windows group policy editor. Then, Find and turn cortana off. If you don’t understand clearly, Here are the instructions you will have to follow.

    • First off all, Open RUN by pressing Win + R from keyboard.
    • Then, Type gpedit.msc and press enter or click on OK. It will open windows group policy editor.
    • Now, Navigate to the following location: Computer Configuration > Administrative Template > Windows Component > Search.
    • This time, You will have to find Allow Cortana and double click on it.
    • Then, Mark on Disabled.
    • Click on OK.

    After doing it, Restart your computer. From now, There will be no active cortana’s functionality in your PC. The taskbar search will work as local search.

    2. Turn Off Cortana from Windows Registry Editor:

    Method 1 is easiest. But, Windows 10 home users can’t try that. Because, Group policy is not available there. So, Home users will have to stop cortana from registry editor. But, If you are not well experienced, I never recommend to touch registry editor. If you are willing to try this method, I suggest you to backup windows registry before trying it. Here are the steps to turn off cortana from windows registry editor.

    • At first, Open RUN like before. Then, Type regedit and click on OK to open registry editor.
    • Now, Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > Windows Search.
    • Then, Right click on Windows Search and choose New > DWORD.
    • Give it a name as AllowCortana and also set the value as 0. To set value, Just double click on the newly created DWORD.

    After doing above things, Restart windows. From now, You won’t see cortana in your PC. If you ever want to get it back, Just change AllowCortana’s value to 1.

    How to Completely Remove Cortana from Windows 10 Computer:

    In fact, Disabling is enough. Uninstalling cortana can cause other problems in your PC. You may not be able to use start menu search any more. Even, You may not be able to get back cortana once it’s removed. The only way will be reinstalling windows. So, I don’t recommend it to you. However, If you want to know the way to uninstall cortana completely, Here are the methods you can follow.

    1. Remove Manually:

    It is very easy. You can delete the cortana folder. But, Doing it is not that simple you are thinking. Here are the instructions you can follow.

    • Go to C:\Windows\SystemApps.
    • Find the folder something like Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_XXXXXXXX.
    • Just backup this folder to another location. Then, Delete it. If it says that there is a program that is using it, You will have to end cortana process from task manager. Then try again.

    2. Uninstall Cortana Automatically with Third-Party Tool:

    There is a third-party tool developed by WinAero. That can be used to uninstall cortana. But, As it is not an official tool, You will have to use it with your own risk. No one will be responsible, If it creates problems. Here are the instructions:

    • Download the tool from here:
    • Extract the downloaded zip file.
    • Run Uninstall Cortana.cmd as administrator.
    • After completing process, Restart your computer.
    • Done

    If you don’t really want to use cortana, You should disable it. But, You should not uninstall cortana. Because, It may create other problems and you may not be able to use windows search.