How to Fix iSpy Warning Window

How to Fix iSpy Warning Window

September 27, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Apple has a number of applications that are best known for its security features, and iSpy is one of them. Getting access to various webcams and IP cameras, you’ll be able to monitor your home or office with your phone with the use of your laptop, able to check sight and sound, even having the feature of allowing you to record a video when needed! Basically, it’s a security camera in your PC, which is a great alternative to CCTV cameras!

    mac ispy warning

    iSpy an Error! Error 1, to be exact!

    While this is great software when it comes to increasing the security of your privacy and monitoring what others do when using your PC, it unfortunately has its own issues, one of them being warning windows that incessantly pop up even when you aren’t doing anything wrong.

    One of the best-known warning windows would be the fact that the camera “Couldn’t establish communications with iSpy. Error 1.” Most, if not all the time, there really isn’t a problem! And even when I try to restart the software or the laptop itself, it still pops up, much to my annoyance. So here’s how to quickly resolve the issue and get everything back up and working for iSpy!

    Is this malware?

    The popup you see is not malware or a form of virus, but most likely a glitch, as the updated version of iSpy may not be compatible with your Macbook that isn’t running on the latest version of both operating system and iSpy’s software itself. It mentions the program “Espionage”, which is ia folder-encryption software package that iSpy is a kernel extension of.

    The developers of Espionage, TaoEffect, mentions that version 2 of Espionage isn’t compatible with Mavericks and have released their latest 3rd version of it. But for those who use El Capitan, it sometimes pops up, which is why the developers have made a page with instructions on how to remove the warning windows of iSpy for good.

    How to Remove iSpy warning Window

    • Go to Finder and hold down Option. Click on Go menu then Library
    • Delete the following files you may see:
    • Press Command-Shift-G simultaneously and when you see “Go To The Folder” dialog, type in: /Sysem/Library/Extensions
    • Delete iSpy.kext
    • Do step 3 again but type in ~/Library instead
    • Go to the LaunchDaemons folder and delete the following files you may see:
    • In the PriviledgedHelpterTools folder, delete com.taoeffect.Espionage if you see it.
    • Restart your Macbook and see if that solves the issue.

    And that’s it! After that, your Macbook and its software will be running smoothly with no warning windows popping up. If the problem still persists, there may be other articles you can find online, or tech-savvy people you know who can do the job for you. If not, then contact Apple Support and TaoEffects themselves to get a quick solution on how to remove the iSpy warning windows from reappearing when you start your Macbook.