How to Remove Personal Data from Photos in Windows


Almost we all take photos and videos to store or share in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, personal blogs, forums and so on. This is an age of social sharing. Everyone has connected their smartphones with internet nowadays. Well, this is not the end. We are sharing our photos on various sites. But did we ever think that our personal information is also leaking on the web along with photos? Photos clicked by smartphones and digital cameras record personal data of your devices. It could be your name, phone/ camera model, pictures created date & time, and even GPS information. When you take a photo it creates an EXIF file including all the personal data of yours like your name to location, time and everything.

Well, you do not want strangers to know about your private data. Gladly Windows 10, 8 and 7 have a solution for it. You can remove them easily.

windows 10 photo personal data

Remove Personal Data From Photos in Windows 10/8/8.1/7:

It might be helpful for you to have all the information of your images. You can know all the details like the time and place of the images. But the frightening fact is that while you share your photos, your private data is also sharing with others. Else, enabled Geotag feature can also provide your current location in photo’s metadata. So, you can be easily tracked by people from your shared photos in internet. Moreover your photo’s EXIF file (Exchangeable Image File Format) includes a lot of metadata of your device and you. When you share images, your metadata also get shared in the internet through your images. Well, nothing to worry, while Microsoft has got a solution for it. Let’s know how you can remove personal Data in Windows from your photos.

  • Choose the photo you will share in web. Now, Right Click on the photo and select Properties. You can also select many photos at once and click on properties.
  •  In the properties menu you will see Details tab, click on that.

go to details to remove all the personal data of photos in windows 10

  • You will see Remove Properties and Personal Information at the details window, click on that.

click on Remove Properties and Personal Information to remove all the personal data of photos in windows 10

  • Now you can choose Select All or you can choose one by one field that you want to remove by clicking on the box and click on Ok.

choose Select All to remove all the personal data of photos in windows 10

  • Otherwise, you can save your file with the metadata to use later for personal purposes. Tick beside Create a copy with possible properties removed and click Ok. This will create image without metadata but gladly you will still have a data filled image.

Create a copy with possible properties removed to remove all the personal data of photos in windows 10

Well, this ability is available on the all the windows versions to remove information from files and images. You can also remove Ofiice Docs and other file’s metadata by following the same process.


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