How to Remove Prisma Watermark Logo From Photos

How to Remove Prisma Watermark Logo From Photos

August 7, 2018 By kirsten

    Prisma is an amazing photo editing app. It is now one of the most popular app from iTunes and Play Store. People are placing the extra artificial effects in their photos. But what is so horrible about it? Nothing can go without flaw that is what I believe. I have already shared about “how to solve Prisma running slow or overcapacity error.” But a little more thing that’s worrying everyone is watermark logo on photos. Probably you will not want this little effect destroys the photo’s attraction that you’re going to share on multiple social networking site. So, how would you remove prisma watermark logo is a question that is popping up on your head probably. Don’t worry. I am going to discuss the solution with you in this following article.

    Remove/Disable/Turn Off Prisma Watermark Logo From Photos:

    Prisma photo editing app adds a watermark logo of its own by default. You would be surprised to know its easy solution which is easier than anything. You can turn it off easily from the app. Let’s know how to to disable or remove it.

    disable prisma watermark

    • First of all launch the app.
    • After launching the app tap on the settings button (Cog button).
    • Now, You will see a option called Add Watermark.
    • Switch Add Watermark button to off.
    • Now, click on Done at the top right corner to return photo screen.

    In settings, You will have some other options like Save original photos, Save artworks automatically etc. You can enable or disable these features according to your own preferences.

    Now, every single photo that you’ll edit in prisma will not have any logo for sure. Somehow it is a bothersome matter for you. No one actually wants a unwanted watermark logo on a beautiful image. But there is nothing to worry as the developers has made the option available to turn off this creepy issue.

    Prisma also has the feature to share edited photos directly to your friends and family via messenger, facebook and other social networks. But sometimes, Prisma users may face some errors. In the future, We will discuss about some of them.