How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Flash Drives, Hard Disk Etc.


Shortcut Virus is known to everyone. Windows XP users were the main victim of it. But, Some Windows 10 users also experience this annoying problem. This article aims to provide the awesome idea to fix shortcut virus problem.

Some of us may format our flash drive to remove shortcut virus. But it’s not the proper solution. Sometimes, The culprit may still contain after formatting the flash storage.

The important thing is ‘After affecting by shortcut viruses, we can’t get back our valuable documents from flash drive’.  So now it’s the question ‘What is the solution?’ Don’t worry. I’m about to give you the perfect solution to remove shortcut virus from your pendrive, memory card or other flash drive or your PC.

Shortcut Virus


Steps To Remove Shortcut Virus:

1. At first press Windows Key+R on your Keyboard to open Run.

2. Now, Type cmd and press Enter. You can also open the start menu, type cmd and hit enter to open Command Prompt.

3. In the command prompt, type your flash drive letter. Example: my flash drive letter is E. So I have to type e: on command prompt and then I have to press enter.

Remove Shortcut Virus

4. Now type del *.lnk and press enter.

5. Finally, you have to type this code below and press enter.

attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l

6. Now go to your flash drive. I hope you will get back your lost files. So back up those files and format your pen drive.

Remove Shortcut Virus from Hard Disk:

Sometimes, Shortcut virus may contain on your hard disk. In that case, Follow above steps and use the local disk drive letter instead of the removable drive letter. After running the command, copy your files to somewhere else and format that disk drive.

However, In some cases, The whole PC may be affected by this virus. In that case, You can simply backup your data after running these commands and format whole partition and then reinstall windows.

I hope these tips will help you to fix shortcut virus problem. Let me know if you need additional help.