How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Flash Drives, Hard Disk Etc.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Flash Drives, Hard Disk Etc.

September 27, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Shortcut virus problem was epidemic in the old days. But, There are still some users who are encountering this issue in this years. Well, This article will explain how to remove shortcut virus easily.

    What is Shortcut Virus?

    It will seem unusual if a computer user says that he/she have not heard about it. In face, A shortcut virus is a type of trojan/worm that enters into your PC hard disk, pen drive, memory card or any kinds of flash drives silently, and creates shortcuts of all folders and files. But, It hides the original files and folders so that users can’t access them. In fact, those shortcuts are not real. When a user clicks on these fake shortcuts, it actually worsens the situations.

    How a User Usually Become a Victim of Shortcut Virus?

    This type of computer viruses only affects physical storages, and it uses removable storages as a type of way to spread itself to other devices. So, When a user inserts a pen drive or memory card on a computer which is already affected by this trojan/worm, it can spread to the computer too. The worst thing is, many antivirus programs can’t detect this virus as it is so intelligent.

    Sometimes, Users may lose his/her personal data permanently. Also, These data can be stolen by the hacker who usually injected that virus.

    Some of us may try to format our flash drive to remove shortcut virus. But it’s not the proper solution. Sometimes, The culprit may still contain after formatting the storage drive.

    So now it’s the question ‘What is the solution?’ Is there any proper antivirus software or shortcut virus remover? Yes, there are solutions.

    Shortcut Virus Screenshot Windows 10

    How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Flash Drive and Windows PC

    There are multiple ways to fix shortcut virus problem. You can choose any of them. By the way, Here are these methods.

    1. Use Command Prompt to Fix Shortcut Virus Issue

    Probably, This one is the widely used method, and everyone suggests this to the victim. To heal shortcut virus using the command prompt, you can follow these instructions.

    a. At first, Press Windows Key+R on your Keyboard to open Run.

    b. Now, Type cmd and press Enter. You can also open the start menu, type cmd and hit enter to open Command Prompt.

    c. In the command prompt, type your flash drive letter. Example: my flash drive letter is E. So I have to type e: on command prompt and then I have to press enter.

    remove shortcut virus using command prompt on windows

    4. Now type del *.lnk and press enter.

    5. Finally, you have to type the code given below and press enter.

    attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l

    6. Now go to your flash drive. I hope you will get back your lost files. So back up those files and format your pen drive.

    This one is not a perfect solution. To permanently remove shortcut virus, you should follow other methods too. Because this one is greatly helpful if you want to recover your files and folders quickly.

    Delete Shortcut Viruses from Hard Disk:

    Sometimes, Shortcut virus may contain on your hard disk. In that case, Follow above steps and use the local disk drive letter instead of the removable drive letter. After running the command, copy your files to somewhere else and format that disk drive.

    2. Solve Shortcut Virus Problem Using Windows Registry Editor

    This solution is extremely helpful for infected PCs. And you must try it. Because, Whenever you connect any external storage drive with your computer, shortcut virus will also spread into that drive. So, You must stop it. Here are the appropriate instructions.

    • First of all, You will need to kill an active process of Windows. To do it, simply right click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager.
    • Then, Look for a process something like wscript.exe, wscript.vbs or Microsoft Windows Based Script Host and right click on it. Then, Choose End Task.
    • After that, Open the start menu, type regedit.exe and hit enter. It will open Windows Registry Editor.
    • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run.
    • Try to find some weird keys on the right panel something like odwcamszas, OUzzckky, etc. Just delete them if any keys seem unusual to you. But, You should take backup of registry before doing it. Also, You should search on google to be sure what you are going to delete.
    • Anyway, After deleting these keys, Open Windows Task Manager again and go to Startup tab. Then, Disable any weird looking .exe or .vbs programs.
    • Now, Open the start menu again, type %TEMP% and hit enter. It will open the temp folder. Delete everything from it.
    • Also, Try to locate any weird looking program on your PC and uninstall them.

    I hope, doing these things properly will fix shortcut virus problem on your computer.

    3. Use Third-Party Shortcut Virus Removal Tools

    There are many third-party tools that can cure shortcut virus problem. Most modern antivirus programs are capable of detecting this type of trojans. But, In some cases, You may not have a premium antivirus. In this case, You can use USBFIX. It is a great program to solve shortcut virus issues. Else, You can consider the free version of Malwarebytes.

    The whole PC is Affected, Can’t Do Any Thing!!!

    Yes, For some users, the shortcut virus problem may be too stubborn to be solved. In this case, I recommend you try above three methods in safe mode. Hopefully, It will work.

    If you can’t do anything, I suggest you search on google for further solutions. If you give up, you can simply backup your data after running these commands and format whole partition and then reinstall windows.

    I hope these tips will help you to fix shortcut virus problem. Let me know if you need additional help.