How to Remove Trojan Horse Virus

How to Remove Trojan Horse Virus

October 9, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Trojan Horse is a very common word for a computer user. Specially in Windows PC, Trojan is a nightmare. It acts like a safe and trusted file. But it can harm your PC silently. For this characteristic it is called trojan horse. It’s also known as silent killer. It can steal your important data and pass it to third person. So you should always be aware of trojan horse. Hacker can easily use your computer by a trojan horse virus. Your computer can be used for antisocial works by this virus. So you need to know details of it and solution – How to remove trojan horse.

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    Trojan Horse Virus:

    Trojan horse is a security breaking program. It can be downloaded in your PC with any kinds of file. After entering into your PC, Trojan Horse unleashes dangerous malware. It not only steal your data, but also can wipe many necessary data from your hard disk. It can attack any operating system. But it attacks more in windows because of this operating system popularity and weakness.

    May be you are curious to know why it is called Trojan Horse. There is tale from the Trojan War.. A long ago Greeks built a huge wooden horse and hide some of the Greek special armies on it. This wooden horse reached in the city of troy. At night the Greek armies came out from this wooden horse and open the gate of the city. Then all Greek armies entered and destroyed the city of troy. And this computer security breaking program is also same. It entered into your PC as a safe file. After that it destroy your computer security by unleashing malware. As a result, it is called as Trojan Horse.

    source: Trojan Horse-Wikipedia 

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    How to Remove Trojan Horse Virus:

    You can remove trojans in many ways. However, now i’ll tell you a few steps to remove trojan horse virus.

    1. Use Good Antivirus:

    Having good antivirus is must. A good antivirus is able to heal this silent killer. AVG, Norton, Avast, Kaspersky etc. are some popular antivirus. These are more successful antivirus to heal Trojan Horse. Scan full system by a good antivirus and heal viruses. Make sure your antivirus and operating system is up to date.

    2. Trojan Cleaner:

    There are several apps which are known as good trojan cleaner. You can use CClean. Restart your PC in safe mood. Then scan your PC by CCleaner and fix everything.

    3. Use Malwarebytes:

    This is also very good free computer application to remove malware. As Trojan Horse unleashes malware, you can use malwarebytes. Use it in safe mood as CCleaner.

    4. Update Everything:

    After following all of these steps above, update all of your passwords. Then update your PC and every software and drivers in your PC. Then restart your computer.

    Hopefully all of these steps will help you to remove trojan horse virus from your PC.

    source: smarttricks