Remove Unknown App Named “Program” from Startup Items on Windows – Is it a Virus?

Remove Unknown App Named “Program” from Startup Items on Windows – Is it a Virus?

October 16, 2018 By alberto

    Sometimes, In startup item list, you may see an unknown app name “program.”  You don’t know what it is. This article is about how to remove this item from startup list.

    The world is mysterious. Everythings in this world is also puzzling. The Windows operating system is weird. Sometimes, It shows strange errors. When you check the startup item list on task manager, you may see an item named as “Program.” Let’s know a bit details about it.

    Unknown App Named Program Startup Item List Windows 10

    What is it? Is it a Virus?

    Most users think that this is a virus. In fact, It’s not a virus. Then what is it? Let me explain a bit details. When you uninstall anything from Windows, it leaves some residual files on PC. The “Program” on startup item is nothing but a leftover of the original program.

    Typically, If you install an old or incompatible program on Windows 10, it may not perform well on your PC. As a result, When you uninstall that app, it fails to remove everything from the registry. It is the reason users see that “Program” on startup items on Windows Task Manager.

    Again, If you install a program which contains bugs, it may create this unusual thing on startup item list. For example, Many users who use WonderShare Filmora video editor has faced this problem.

    How to Remove Unknown App Named “Program” from Startup Item List on Windows 10

    Usually, You can’t delete this item. But, There are two easy ways to eliminate or locate the unknown program on startup list in Windows. One requires modifying Windows registry, and another one requires a third-party software. By the way, Let’s know two of these methods.

    1. Tweak Registry

    In most cases, A leftover on registry causes this problem. So, You should find and delete that. It will solve unknown program problem on startup item list. To do it, you will just need to follow these steps.

    • First of all, Open the start menu, type regedit and hit enter. It will open Windows Registry Editor.
    • Now, Navigate to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run and HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Run.
    • Carefully check all the strings. Find the string which should not be there and related to the program that you have uninstalled before.
    • Then, Delete that string.

    It should remove the unusual program from the startup item list. But, Before doing it, I recommend you take a backup of the registry.

    2. Use Third-Party Tool

    Tweaking registry is not a safe way as it can break any functionalities. So, You also can consider third-party tools to delete “program” from startup item list. In this case, CCleaner is a safe choice as it is popular and trusted by the community. Here are the things, you will need to do.

    • First of all, Download and install CCleaner.
    • Then, Open it and go to Tools > Startup.
    • Now, Find and delete the unusual item.
    • Done!

    You also can use WhatInStartup on your PC. It reveals all programs which are on your startup list. You can disable anything from there.

    These are the two best ways to remove the unknown program from startup item list. But, If the unknown app named “program” is not leftover and related to an active program, then you can keep it or delete it.

    Hope something helps!