Steps to Remove Bloatware from Android Phone

Steps to Remove Bloatware from Android Phone

August 17, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Ever heard of bloatware? Basically, it’s unwanted software on your phone or gadget. The useless apps preinstalled on your phone by the manufacturers? Yeah, that’s it! It may be an eyesore and makes it difficult to find the apps you do use, plus it takes up a LOT of your phone’s storage space and battery life when it’s left running! These apps you don’t even use just clutter up your phone and worse, reduces the performance. With that, I feel like I have no control over my phone at all, and I’m left to suffer from the effects of these software. So, if you fel the same way as I am, you probably have the same question: How can you remove the bloatware from your Android phone?

    How to Remove Bloatware from Android Phone / Tab:

    The solution is easy and you’ve got a choice: Either uninstall or disable the apps. What’s the difference between the two and which one should you do?

    Uninstalling Preinstalled Apps

    Just like the term, uninstalling simply means to permanently remove the app from your phone. But keep in mind that some preinstalled apps won’t be able to be found in the Play Store if needed again. And if you do decide to uninstall the apps, they may cause some problems with your phone. You will also need your Android rooted before uninstalling apps. If you do decide to uninstall an app, try freezing it first to see if it works well without it before you do so.

    Freezing or Disabling Preinstalled Apps

    This may be a better alternative than uninstalling, as it completely disables the app, not showing on your app drawer or running in the background. It won’t run unless you unfreeze the app. And it’s easy to do!

    Disabling Bloatware Using Your Phone’s Settings

    • Go to your phone’s Settings, go to Apps, going to the “All” option.

    disabling preinstalled htc community android app

    • Choose the app you want to freeze, then click on the “Disable” option.
    • Press “OK” when the warning pops up, and click “Force Stop” or “Clear Data” just in case.

    Disabling Bloatware When There’s No Disable Option

    • Your phone will need to be rooted and USB debugging must be enabled. Make a backup just in case something goes wrong!
    • Install third party apps that will be able to freeze or uninstall the bloatware for good. Some are paid while some are free but have a limit.
    • Simply follow the instructions stated on the app itself. Most of the time, it’s similar to disabling bloatware using your phone’s settings.

    There you go! Newer versions of Android have the option to disable most apps without rooting your phone or installing other apps, thankfully. And if you need to use the app again, you can unfreeze it from your settings or app used to freeze the bloatware. I recommend you to disable or freeze the software rather than uninstall it, as it may cause more problems than solve it. After doing so you can now enjoy having a phone with better performance!