Backup and Restore All Apps and Settings to New Android Device

Backup and Restore All Apps and Settings to New Android Device

August 19, 2018 By alberto

    You may be not smart, If you fail to use your smartphone in right way. Specially, You should know how to use your android phone smartly. There are many peoples who don’t know how to restore their apps and settings to a new android device automatically. Most of them do it manually which takes much time. But, You can save your time, If you enable backup feature. It will restore everything automatically to new phone, If you want. To do it, Here are the things, You will have to follow.


    Enable Backup Service in Android Phone:

    It is wise to enable backup service in your phone or tab or any other modern gadgets. This will let you restore your current settings to a new device automatically. To turn on android backup service, Follow these.

    • First of all, Navigate to Settings > Backup & Reset.
    • Now, Enable Back up my data.
    • Also enable Automatic restore.

    This settings will upload your data such as app data, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings to Google’s server. It enables the way to sync your data to another device. Even, If you reset your phone, It will brings all your current data automatically and save your  time.

    Restore All Apps and Settings to New Android Phone:

    Now, It’s time to restore your settings to new android device. Older android versions don’t support it. Anyway, Here are the instructions.

    • After first time switching on your new phone, You will be asked to accept terms and conditions and go forward.
    • When you will be asked for Wi-Fi connectivity, Just do it.
    • After that, You will see the option to sign in into a google google account. Just put your credentials and go forward.


    • Once you will see the Get your apps & data window, Just select which device’s apps and data you are going to restore. You also can choose which apps you want to restore.
    • Now, Follow the on screen instructions.

    If you can follow these properly, All of your settings and data will be available in your new device too. I believe, It will save your time. Hope it helps you.