Retrieve Deleted Messages From Whatsapp

September 1, 2018 By kirsten

    Whatsapp is one of the most popular mobile messaging app. If you say it’s the best massaging platform, you won’t be wrong. Awesome features and user suitable interface made Whatsapp a great messaging app. In every popular platform whatsapp is available. Many of us are using this app. Sometimes your massages of whatsapp may be deleted accidently. Then you may become upset. But don’t be upset. There is a way to get back deleted messages from whatsapp. Now I’m about to tell you how to retrieve deleted messages from whatsapp.


    How To Retrieve Deleted Messages From

    This trick is for android devices. For other platform trick to retrieve deleted messages from whatsapp will be available soon.


     STEPS To Retrieve Deleted Messages From Whatsapp:

    1. First of all go to whatsapp database folder. To do this task use a file explorer.
    2. You will see some chat files like msgstore-2014-02-04.1.db.crypt, msgstore-2014-07-04.1.db.crypt You will also see a file msgstore.db.crypt. You have to rename this file. You can add any word before msgstore.db.crypt.
    3. See the chat files are included with date such as msgstore-2014-02-04.1.db.crypt. Here 2014-02-04 is the date. Now you need to find a chat file which has a date before you deleted your whatsapp messages. Suppose, you have deleted your whatsapp messages at 01/11/2014. You will find a chat file with a date of 31/10/2014 like msgstore-2014-10-31.1.db.crypt. After finding your desired chat file you need to rename that file to db.crypt.
    4. Yes! You already did 90%. Now you need to go to setting>applications>manage applications>whatsapp. Now tap on Clear Data.
    5. Now open Whatsapp. You will see message backup found. Just click on Restore. You will get your all older messages.



    So we learned How To Retrieve Deleted Messages From Whatsapp. Next i’ll come back with new tips and trick.