Royalty Being Cyber bullied – Prince William Speaks out on Cyberbullying

Royalty Being Cyber bullied – Prince William Speaks out on Cyberbullying

December 20, 2017 By kirsten

    “There is no difference between their online and offline lives. Bullying is bullying, wherever it happens.”

    This is what Prince William had to say during the Founder’s Forum in London this year. He further went on to say how much he detested bullying since he was a child himself and how badly alarmed he was when he had seen how bullying and children committing suicide because of incessant bullying is making headlines around the world. He also talked about the abuse he had seen on social media and was appalled to hear how children were abusing their peers and being abused by others on social media. Prince William made an appeal on that platform that measures should be made in order to protect the children from being bullied over social media.

    Royalty on Board

    During the week worth of technology conference, Prince William took the time to tell the people in attendance about the stories that he had heard from children all over Britain who have suffered from bullying. He talked about how girls have developed eating disorders from constant body slamming over the internet and boys who have killed themselves after being tired of constantly being the target of their bullies. Furthermore, the prince also added that more than a million children are the victims of cyberbullying on Facebook alone, let alone any other social media network.

    One can know for a fact that when royalty is on board for a cause than something is truly wrong with the world that we live in. Children, they are meant to happy and carefree while learning of new ways to make a better future for themselves and the rest of the world.

    What Can Parents Do to Prevent Cyberbullying?

    Prevent Cyberbullying?

    Prince William, a father of two, laid quite stress on the need for measures that could potentially put an end to cyberbullying, especially on portals such as Facebook which is used far and wide and by almost everyone in the world. It is portals such as these that are frequently used by teenagers and tweens and happens to be that one place where teen on teen hate is quite prevalent.

    Parents should buck up their kids and teens that do not hide when someone bullied them in the real world or even in the online world. They should guide their children silence is not the solution at all, irrespective of the silence they should discuss with the parents and tell them how they can deal with bullies online.

    Teenagers frequently use these platforms to continue bullying the people that they have been incessantly bullying during the school hours. Such things have frequently driven teens over the edge more times than not and have resulted in them becoming stories of woe for generations to come rather than success stories to inspire their peers.

    Furthermore, it has also turned into a global phenomenon, where no teen us safe from their clutches. It is things such as these that make preventive measures all the more important so that no other child and no other story ends up like the story of 15-year-old Amanda Todd, 13-year-old Megan Meiers, and 16-year-old Phoebe Cannon.

    A parent’s role is quite important in such situations. They can live their child’s spirit up and be their guide through the dark and the dangerous trenches they have wandered off into. If they support their child who they know is being bullied and stand up for them, it could give their children the courage they may need to navigate their way out of the darkness and turn their life around.

    To add to it, if they have inkling that their child is being bullied at school as well as online and their child is not outright telling them about it, they could very easily make use of Cell Phone Spy apps to collect all the information that they may need through it.

    From messages residing in the inbox to the one being sent, from texts being sent and received through the instant messaging apps to the posts their child has been making on the various social media accounts that they have to the comments they have been receiving on the things they say and even the posts being made by others on your child’s, say, the Facebook page. Using a few of these measures you can ensure that you eliminate cyberbullying from your child’s life and get them all the help they need to fight this threat.