Run Windows Memory Diagnostic and Find RAM Problems

Run Windows Memory Diagnostic and Find RAM Problems

August 26, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Windows has an awesome tool called Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. It can help you to detect memory problem of your PC. There are many users who don’t know that their PC is experiencing RAM problem. It is a common issue. Because, It is very hard to know without any diagnostic tool. But windows has a built-in memory diagnostic tool that can help you a lot.

    When you Should Run this Tool:

    Actually, It depends on you or the situation. If you face any BSOD problem frequently or facing slower performance issue, You can launch this tool. It will just find out RAM problems. Then you have to fix it. I’ll publish another article on it soon.

    You can check your memory problems by several third-party tools also. But i don’t recommend it. Because, Windows built in memory checker is enough to find out the error logs. All versions of windows including 10, 8, 7 etc. has this tool.

    How to Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool:

    It is very easy. Normally, Beginners may think it is so complex. But believe me your 3 years old child also can do it. Anyway, here are the instructions.

    • First of all open Start Menu.
    • Now type memory diagnostic. You will see the Windows Memory Diagnostic app as suggestion.

    memory diag window

    • Open it. You will be asked to restart your PC. Select Restart now and check for problems (recommended).
    • Now your PC will be restarted automatically and prompt you the diagnostic window with progress stats.

    memory diag boot screen

    • Wait for several minutes to be completed the process. Sometimes, It may take more time than normal.
    • After completing diagnosing memory problems, Your PC will be restarted and boot up normally. When you log on, It will show you the Result. But sometimes, You may not see the result automatically. In that case, You have to find it manually.

    How to Find Memory Diagnostic Test Results:

    You have already diagnosed RAM problems of your PC. Now, It’s time to show the result. Normally, Result should appear after login into PC. If not, Follow the instructions below:

    • The result can be found in Windows Event Viewer. So, You have to open it at first. You will find it here Control Panel > System and Security >Administrative Tools. You also can open Start menu and type event viewer. Now, You will see the expected app and open it.
    • In Event Viewer, Expend Windows Logs from left sidebar. Now click on System.

    memory diag event viewer

    • Now, You will see all system logs list in the middle of the Window. The list may be huge. It is very difficult to find the result from it. So, You have to filter the result so that you can find it very easily.
    • Click on Filter current log.

    filtering event viewer results

    • Now select Memory Diagnostics Results from the drop down menu of Event Sources. Click on OK.

    memory dg error results HD

    • Now, You will see all the memory test results. Double click on any to view the full result.

    So, Here are the ways to diagnose windows memory problems by running the built-in app. If you want to troubleshoot this problem, I want to refer to this article: Fix RAM Problems

    I hope this article will help you. Please, Let me know your feedback.