Is It Safe to Leave Laptop Plugged in When The Battery Is Full?

Is It Safe to Leave Laptop Plugged in When The Battery Is Full?

October 22, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    I simply can’t pass a day without my laptop. I do my work, study, download, play low-end games, access internet and enjoy online activities. So, I am always concerned about laptop’s battery is whether 100% or not. Concerning the battery percentage, you may let your laptop plugged in overnight. Else, many of us keep charging the laptop or MacBook’s battery while playing games, downloading files or doing other works. But is it safe? Will it damage laptop’s batteries?

    Should you continue charging laptop after battery get fully charged?

    These are some common questions of the laptop Mac users around the world. This article aims to explain your concerns in details.

    How Long Should I charge The Laptop Battery?

    Laptop batteries are made of Lithium ion or Lithium Polymer. So, there are some restrictions and rules to maintain and increase battery lifespan. Let’s know how you should safely charge laptop or Macbook’s batteries.

    Risks of Overcharging Laptop Batteries:

    If you overcharge, you’re creating some issues for yourself and sooner you might go for the battery replacement.

    • Prolonged charging can explode laptop batteries. So, Lithium technology based batteries have an electrical circuit. The circuit helps to prevent overcharging of the batteries. When batteries are full in charge, they get cut off from the circuit. If you continue to charge your batteries after getting fully charged they tend to store heat. When your laptop produces excessive heat over 60 degrees Celsius can lead your laptop’s batteries to the explosion as the circuit doesn’t work anymore for over charging.
    • Charging for multiple hours produce a high amount of heat. There is no doubt that heat directly damages batteries. In a meanwhile, overcharging the batteries generate more heat and put your batteries in a risk of damaging faster. You should make sure your laptop never produce more than 30 degrees Celsius.
    • There is a limit cycle of charging computer’s batteries. Normally, a laptop’s battery has proximately 300 to 500 charge cycles. Plugged into the socket even the battery’s percentage is 100 can increase the voltage level. Actually, increased level of charging percentage provokes higher voltage level. So, the higher level voltage indicates lesser charge cycles.

    Tips to Prevent Laptop Batteries From Damaging:

    When it’s about saving your money, knowing some steps to stop battery’s damaging is really worthy. Batteries don’t come with lifetime warranty. They are the electrical product. Sooner or later they will get damaged one day. Still, you can follow some tips to run batteries for a longer period.

    1. After getting the new laptop at home, the first thing you can do is to charge it minimum for 24 hours at a stretch. It will give the best lifespan expectancy.

    2. Once you charged your laptop’s battery in full percentages, keep it turned off for a certain period so that it becomes cool.

    3. Battery experts highly recommend not charging 100%. In their opinion, charge batteries to 80% and let it drain to 40% and then again charge to 80%. In this simple way, your battery will long last. It won’t produce heat or increase voltage level anyhow.

    4. Discharging the batteries at 0% is never a good idea. Before it drops to 0% and faces an uncertain shutdown, you should charge it anyway.  Because, batteries don’t have only charge cycles, they also have discharge cycle. So, you might not want to damage your batteries for discharge cycles.

    5. Sometimes, you aren’t going to use the notebook for days, weeks or months. But, you shouldn’t let the battery rest for a longer period. From time to time even if you don’t use the notebook, recharge the battery and keep it removed from the laptop.

    6. While you play games and download large files you’re barely in need of higher charge percentage power. In case you’re playing NFS, so you don’t need any interruption while playing it. Else, sometimes you download bigger files and they take 2 to 3 hours to accomplish the download so you won’t want to take a risk by unplugging the charger. As it is recommended to unplug the charger while it is full because it reduces the charge cycles. But in rare cases like playing games and downloading you may keep plugged into the charger. If you’re not accessing other things on your laptop you can go for a longer period without plugged in while gaming and downloading.


    Plugged in 24/7 will kill your battery lifespan surely. So, you need to be careful checking on power and keep the laptop’s battery always cool. But when your batteries finally get degraded, you may want to buy a new one considering some important things.