For The Sake of Money or Happiness?

For The Sake of Money or Happiness?

October 6, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    We live in a world where money makes the world go round. Unfortunately, we started to see money as a means of happiness, choosing high paying but boring jobs over living a life we actually wanted. It’s now financially stable over dreams, and it’s got me wondering: Is that really a life worth living?

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    As a child, I dreamed to become a writer, traveling around the world and exploring places, seeing new things my hometown couldn’t offer. But the older I got, the safer I became, choosing practicality over what I truly wanted, making sure I create a path focused more so on providing for my family than being genuinely happy with my life. My dream grew farther and farther as I chose a path almost the exact opposite of writing. I chose to study accountancy because of the financially adept promises it would give me once I graduate. But as time passed, I realized that I shouldn’t be choosing a career path solely for the money, but also for myself.

    Reasons to Follow Dream not Money:

    We’ve all been there, struggling to pay rent or being stuck between choosing opportunities that center around our dream or money. It’s difficult to choose a path because we’re torn between taking the risk and living our dream, or going to our comfort zone in order to survive and live in basic contentment. But is choosing the “safe” path really what we want? Is it really a successful and happy life to make a certain amount of money? While money is definitely a necessity and something that helps us, we shouldn’t see it as a center of our lives, as the sole reason why we choose our path. Here’s why we should chase our dreams for the sake of achieving our personal goals and not just for the money:

    1. Your dreams will help you bring home the bacon, too!

    People hold the wrong perception on reaching your dreams and getting out of the comfort zone. They believe that once you decide to go for your dream and put yourself out there, starting from the bottom, you’ll end up making very little or nothing at all. But that isn’t true! If you truly have the passion and the drive to reach your dream, then slowly but surely, you WILL get there and start making some profit to provide for your everyday needs, and maybe a bit more!

    2. Happiness is forever, money is not.

    Your money will run out sooner or later. Even as quick as time! You may win the lottery today but lose it all eventually. But reaching your dreams? Now that can be built and rebuilt over and over again, so long as you have the drive to do so. If everyone was after the money, we wouldn’t have known who Steve Jobs is, or even know what an iPhone is! He has a dream, he stumbled a number of times, but even then, he never gave in no matter how tough it came to be. He has achieved dreams and continued on with it until his death, and I’m sure he can say that he truly lived a fulfilling life, with money just as a plus.

    3. Achieving goals > making money.

    Making money is one thing, but the feeling of achieving a goal is another. It feels much more fulfilling than getting the usual check, because it’s what you worked hard for and wanted to become, and like what I mentioned, the money is just a plus to the things you will achieve once you start living your dream instead of staying within the safe zone. The thrill of putting yourself out there is an achievement alone, and that’s the start to living a genuinely successful life.

    4. Money is only material.

    What we forget is that money is not the ultimate source of happiness, just a temporary one. It comes and goes, and while it can buy us pretty things, nothing beats the genuine happiness you get when reaching for your dreams and living a life you’ve always wanted. Again, money will follow once you strive to achieve dreams and reach goals. Forget about the material things, they are only sources of temporary happiness. They don’t go with you when you’re gone; they simply deteriorate, unlike experience and memories. Think big and think for yourself. What do YOU really want in life?

    6. When you thrive in one thing, the rest may fall.

    Imagine being too busy at a job you don’t even like, being too preoccupied making money and providing that you soon forget about the other things in life. Intimate relationships fall, opportunities to go out are lost, and sooner or later, your job becomes your life. And believe me, that does not seem like a genuinely happy life. Do not always focus on the money. Once you focus on the dream, everything else will thrive.

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    7. Your financial status doesn’t matter.

    We must realize that we don’t live in a world where we are defined by the amount of money we make or how much we have in the bank. No one goes up to you and says they like you for the money. It doesn’t matter how much you have in the bank, but how good you are in mind and soul. Your happiness and perception in life is what’s important, and in the end, that’s the thing that matters most to others.

    One thing to remember is that in life, money will not make us who we are. We are not the amount of money we make, nor will money stay with us forever. It isn’t real happiness. When we’re gone from this world, people will not remember us by how much we had, but by the things we’ve experienced and overcome. Why waste your life working at a 9-5 job when you can be taking risks and living a life you’ve always wanted to live? Take a chance, choose your dream and be happy.

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