Samsung’s Creation, “The Wall”, is Innovative or Extreme?

Samsung’s Creation, “The Wall”, is Innovative or Extreme?

October 29, 2018 By ellen

    Samsung’s creation, which is 146 inches wide, has become a marvel in today’s world of advanced technology. Why would such a large item be placed in your home?

    The Wall? 

    “The Wall,” a micro led technology is different from most TVs in your own home.  It doesn’t contain a backlight. It has smaller lights that illuminate from the leds.  It also can be customized to the walls in your house.  This TV is not an ordinary TV. It actually is very much like an oversized computer. Throughout the years the TV has evolved. In the 1990s, the advancement of technology was the biggest. The internet was the catalyst to change the image of a television.  However, LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) use a backlight to reflect an image: television today.

    What is the Big Deal with the Invention of “The Wall?

    A backlight is not used projecting a direct image. Instead, micro LEDs are used for the image. Technology has advanced so quickly since the 1990s.  High definition television is what we crave.  Bigger, better, clearer, faster, efficient entertainment is the present demand.”The Wall” is being marketed for thousands of dollars. Samsung, a company that produces all kinds of technology is marketing a new idea.

    Why would anyone want such a large TV? Will a product like this ever be affordable for the ordinary person? When the electric car came out, that is still not affordable for the average person.

    New and Exciting Technology

    Will “The Wall” be affordable for the average person? The next new thing is always being produced, as technology continues to advance.  Is it advancing too fast where we are forgetting about the human connection? Televisions are sleeker, flatter, and are controlled like computers. Televisions have access to many computer elements, which is a lot faster than even calling someone on the phone.  “The Wall” will provide a faster projection of an image with broken down light. Do we need another high definition kind of television? Consumers are inundated with the next best thing.