Save Your Mobile Data on Your Android

Save Your Mobile Data on Your Android

October 23, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    With features added each update, new models and brand names are now trying to boost sales by being on the top with innovative products and mobile devices! Having an Android smartphone holds a ton of benefits. You are not only able to improve your life in productivity and profession, but you are also able to entertain yourself as well. With games, apps, and widgets, you can do just about anything with your Android smartphone! You are even able to use the Internet without the use of a Wi-Fi connection, but just your mobile data. But doing so may incur charges, and you must reduce your mobile data usage in order to reduce those charges!

    Save Your Mobile Data

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    Why Leave Your Mobile Data Option On?

    Never take your cellular data for granted, especially if you’re one to leave it on for constant updates from work or social media. But if you are worried about your mobile data usage, why leave it on in the first place? Here are some reasons why people opt to leave their mobile data on:

    • They are using it for work. Because the Internet is the best for businesses, professionals use it as a source of communication or a way to handle their businesses. They need to be constantly updated because of this.
    • It is a source of entertainment for others, especially for those who play online games and live stream videos.
    • People who want to be updated with social media and need to talk with their friends for social reasons leave their mobile data open.

    How to Reduce Cellular Data Usage?

    While internet plans from your network may be cheap, you never know if your phone is racking up your mobile data charges without you knowing! Luckily, there are ways on how to reduce your mobile data usage for your Android smartphone. Here are some things you can do:

    1. Turn on data compression

    Data compression will help in reducing the high mobile data usage, as it helps you load your Internet webpages without using as much data as possible. If you are using Google Chrome on your phone, you are able to switch this option on and save as much as 50% of your mobile data usage! You won’t feel a difference from turning this option on. Or actually you will, as compression of data will actually make your Internet speed faster!

    To turn data compression on, simply go to Google Chrome’s Settings and click on data server. Restart your Google Chrome app and you’re good to go!

    2. Restrict background data

    Some apps you use will end up consuming too much mobile data, especially when left running in the background. The culprits are usually social media sites. But instead of keeping it active and running, you can actually help reduce mobile data from that with restricting background data.

    If you want to do this, simply go to Settings and head on to Data Usage. Once you are there, select the app you want to restrict the data of. You will find some options that will enable you to choose how you want its data to be restricted. It’s best to choose one that is not running in the background to save up on data.

    3. Update Apps Via Wi-Fi

    Instead of having your apps updated automatically from your mobile data, you can choose to change the settings and have your apps updated via Wi-Fi connection instead once it’s available. Or, you can choose to manually update the apps yourself. That way, you won’t spend so much data downloading these updates!

    All you need to do is tweak the settings in Google Play Store. Visit the store and go to its settings. Select the “Auto-Update Apps” button, and select the “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only”.

    4. Syncing

    When your phone is syncing, it does a lot of benefits. But it can also be a huge factor of data consumption.

    To turn off these auto-syncing options, go to the Settings option of your phone, and go to Accounts. Turn off the accounts that seem useless, or you may even turn everything off if you choose to do so!

    5. Do NOT stream content

    As much as possible, it’s best to avoid streaming, since this can be a huge data consumer. Try not to look at high quality images of GIFs, as well as listening to music or watching videos online. It’s best to wait for a stable Wi-Fi connection for that. If you simply can’t, try to look for lower quality to at least save up on your mobile data and use less of it. Or, you can even cache and save content to look at it when offline, using less mobile data.


    Hopefully, these tips will be able to help you save up on hidden charges from your mobile data usage. If ever, you can even opt to look for plans from your network that will enable you to go for unlimited mobile data usage.

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