Best Ways to Save Photos from Instagram

Best Ways to Save Photos from Instagram

August 29, 2018 By alberto

    Instagram is trending everywhere for its specialty of sharing photos, following people and commenting on the photos and videos. Else, its unique concept of securing user’s copyrighted photos and videos makes it more ideal to use. But, the thing that bothers some Instagram users is unable to save or download the photos from it. It is highly restricted to download other users’ images as Instagram doesn’t offer any option to save their copyrighted photos. This is one of the reasons many users has proceed to delete Instagram account as they find it less interesting. On the contrary, you can use it and post from every devices like Windows, iOS and Android. Today, I am about to discuss the easier way to download photos from Instagram.

    How to Download / Save Photos from Instagram:

    Suddenly, you like someone’s photography and want to make that photo your mobile wallpaper. But the saddest part is you can’t save that photo directly. I have seen some of my friends taking Instagram photos by taking screenshot of the photo and then cropping that in the shape. But, it doesn’t work perfectly as the resolution does matter sometimes.

    So, let’s know the ways to download them in your devices right away.

    Save Instagram Photo on Your iOS:

    Downloading images in safari or other browsers on iOS is much easier. But Instagram doesn’t allow saving option to secure copyright photos. Well, it’s not hard or a long procedure to download photos on your iOS from Instagram. Let’s know the trick.

    • At first, Navigate to the picture you want to save.
    • Then, Click on the three dot icon on the top right corner.
    • Now, choose “Copy Share URL”.
    • Navigate to browser and open it.
    • Paste the URL and go to the page.
    • Now, you will see the photo. Long press on the photo and copy.
    • Open note on iPhone and paste the photo by long pressing.
    • Click on Share button and select Save Image option.
    • Now, the photo will be saved in the camera roll.

    Save Instagram Photos On Android:

    Today I will show how you can download Instagram photos using facebook messenger. It’s a cool way to save Instagram’s photos very easily.

    • First of all, Navigate to Instagram app and select the photo.
    • Then, Click on the three dot icon and Select Copy Share URL from the pop-up menu.
    • Open messenger app from your android phone.
    • In the messenger search box type Repost Bot.
    • Open it in the chatting window and paste the copied share URL from the Instagram and send it.
    • Within a few seconds you will get reply from it with a download option associated the link you send of the photo.
    • Now, download the photo to save on your android photo.

    Save Instagram Photos On Your Windows and MAC OS:

    As Instagram has provided its users to access it from every sphere so, some users use Instagram from Windows pc or Laptop and Mac OS. There are many ways to download photos from Instagram on your pc. Today, I will discuss about the easiest one for you.

    • Go to the Instagram’s website from your windows browser and login to your account.
    • Navigate to the photo you want to save and copy the photo’s URL.
    • In another tab, go to DownloadGram’s website and paste the URL into the box.
    • Click on the download button from the below.
    • Then click on the Download picture button to save your image.

    Save Your Own Instagram Photos on Mobile:

    The photos you share in your Instagram account are your own creation. But, sometimes you may want to save them in your mobile files if the account might get lost or banned. There is nothing to panic when you can save your own uploaded photos from Instagram.

    • Open Instagram app and go to your profile.
    • Navigate to settings icon from the left upper corner.
    • Scroll down to click on the Options and toggle the button on beside Save Original Photos.
    • It will automatically save all the photos on your camera roll you post on Instagram from then.

    How to Save All the Photos At Once:

    I have already described how you can save Instagram photos one by one. Let me guide you through if you want to download all the photos for once.

    4K Stogram is a simple app runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It has multiple uses. It allows downloading photos and backup them for you. The best part is you can also download private accounts’ photos and videos with it. by default, you can observe 3 accounts for free. If you want to buy the license key for 10 USD then you can monitor unlimited accounts.

    • Download 4K Stogram on your computer / Mac / Linux.
    • Once you completely install it, open it and insert the username or location name in search bar.
    • Now, there will be available photos associated with your search result.
    • You can download them easily now.

    Third Party Apps to Save Instagram Photos:

    Thankfully, There are some third party apps for saving Instagram photos like iOS users can use instasave, saveGram, Instagrab, GramDrive and many more. Quicksave, Instasave, SaveGram, iSave and other apps are also available at Google Play Store for Android users. You can try them if you don’t want to go for above-described ways.

    So, accessing Instagram would be more interesting and fascinating. Save those copyrighted photos from to your device and enjoy Instagram.