10 Saying Mistakes to Avoid When Meeting Someone New

10 Saying Mistakes to Avoid When Meeting Someone New

October 14, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Meeting someone new for the first time is quite interesting but uncomfortable at the same time. Well, as the purposes of business, office’s work or personal, you may need to meet new and unknown people whom you don’t know at all. So, you are unaware about some things like what to do or not do, what to avoid saying, etc before unknown persons. interacting with new person is one of a biggest struggle to undergo for some people. They got nervous while introducing with new person. It’s a common issue among many people.

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    Saying Mistakes You must Avoid When Meeting Someone New:

    You have to be careful about many things for the first meeting with someone for the first time. But your vocabulary mistakes can make you pay a lot. Because the first conversation leaves a lasting impression on everyone’s mind. So, you should know about saying mistakes that can ruin your business. Well, I would like to share those sorrowful verbal mistakes to ignore in this article. Let’s know them.

    1. Avoid Backbiting About Boss/ Company:

    Even something is true but you have to avoid expressing them in front of someone new. May your boss is a moron or your company is making you do more effort than they are paying to you but don’t let these negative saying to ruin your meeting.

    1. Don’t ask About Wages/ Age:

    Well, it’s so common fact that no one is willing to express their age and how much they make money in a month. It’s considered as the rudest questions ever. If you are meeting with a woman then asking about her age can bring disaster and your work may ruined.

    1. Bringing Political Issue Can Make Your Meeting Worsen:

    It’s election time all over. You may feel curiosity to know if other people are voting for the same person you are going to vote. But asking political questions to family, friends are quite okay when it is totally annoying for someone new recently. Don’t bring up political issues as they might impact negative effect about you.

    1. Apologizing for Something You Didn’t:

    Don’t say “Sorry” if you haven’t done anything bothering. Saying sorry for no reason can make the person feel annoyed. When introducing yourself with someone new you should choose “Excuse me or do you have a Moment”.

    1. Discussing About God:

    Everyone has a different perspective about God. Someone may not believe in God like you do. Asking the person on a first meeting about his/her beliefs on God is really unnecessary.

    1. Discussing Sexual Orientation Can Be Proven Horror:

    Whether you’re gay or bi-sexual is not something to discuss on a professional meeting. It can be embarrassing for the new person and can be turn into sexual harassment. So, don’t bring those out of business saying.

    1. Are you Pregnant or When Is Your Delivery?

    When you meet a new woman and seems like that she is pregnant, in real she isn’t. If you ask about her delivery and pregnancy when you are unsure is a colossal mistake you have ever done. Well, it has no forgiveness. Stick with your business and industry issues until the woman brings it up.

    1. Don’t Bring Up Spread Gossip:

    Spreading gossip which has no reality can make you look unrealistic and worse if you discuss them. Between meetings with a new person you can’t bring those city gossips as it can label you as a gossip.

    1. Saying that is Impossible:

    When you are discussing a new project and you already said that is impossible or there will be no profit. It shows you have lack of confidence and “impossible” word leave a negative impact on his/her mind.

    1. Avoid Talking Yourself:

    No one is interested when you talk only about yourself. Well, a business meeting is not a place where you can discuss about your personal life.’ I’ is a simple alphabet but don’t make it largest by dragging your personal issue in front of someone new.

    We all have a standard and ability to express ourselves in front of someone unknown or new person. But, you have to make sure you are not doing any saying mistakes which can hurt other or let other set their mind negative towards you.

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