Screen Time: Healthy or Bombardment

Screen Time: Healthy or Bombardment

December 8, 2018 By ellen

    Every time a mother goes into see the doctor for a well-child check up, she is asked how much screen time is allowed  for their child each day.

    Cell Phones at a Young Age

    Ninety minutes of screen time is sufficient for each day, over ninety minutes can create a negative impact on cognitive abilities. So, in our age of modern technology why is screen time so condemned?What real research is out there that supports that an extreme amount of screen time is damaging? Kids have cell phones by age ten.

    Engagement vs. Entertainment

    Young children are the most likely to benefit from digital media when the content is engaging, educational, and relevant to their own lives; when they use it together with others — when parents help children understand what they see onscreen and connect it to what they experience off screen.

    If children are overly stimulated with screen time and not viewing anything educational, or worthy to share with someone else, the results could be further isolation or alter the cognition of younger minds. Does technology enhance or hinder our cognitive abilities? Also, are we giving our full consent or forcing technology on our world?

    Are we being controlled by a technological stimulus instead of guided by our own minds? Even though technology is taking over and the appeal is so strong for young people, there hasn’t been any real research into why screen time should be limited.

    Accurate Records of Time Spent on Devices

    There was a study done based off of the data collected by an app: “The study, led by Lancaster University’s Ellis, asked 238 people to self-report the data recorded by Apple’s Screen Time app, which logs things like how often people pick up their phones and how much time they spend on the devices.” People are not accurate reporters as to how much time they actually spend on their phones. They can exaggerate the data.  However, there are charts that can show the average amount of time spent on devices gathered from reliable resources.

    Information is readily available to us on a daily basis. But, how much we access our devices could be damaging if it reaches an unhealthy amount of screen time. However, more research needs to be explored in the time we spend on our devices. The time we spend on our devices is not always reported as accurately because no one keeps a record or a log.