Secret Browser Tricks for Faster Internet Browsing: Firefox, Chrome & Opera

Secret Browser Tricks for Faster Internet Browsing: Firefox, Chrome & Opera

August 18, 2018 By alberto

    Mozilla Firefox Tricks for Faster Internet Browsing

    If you are a regular user of Firefox web browser, you might have installed several add-ons till today. But for getting more out of your Firefox, here are some cool tips and tricks to boost up your Firefox-

    Smart Keywords

    Firefox has a default feature to save those specific keywords which are usually searched a lot of times over internet. Suppose, if you search in Wikipedia a lot for several keywords, right click on the search box of Wikipedia and select add keyword for this search.
    Afterwards, whenever you will search for the keyword again at Firefox search box, it will automatically show the results from Wikipedia for that keyword/keyword phrase.

    Boost Up Browser: Firefox

    Type about:config at the address bar of Firefox and access to the configuration page of Firefox where you can find the list application and configuration settings.

    Now do these followings-

    1. Check the proxy.pipelining as true.
    2. Set the pipelining.maxrequest to 25 to allow maximum 25 requests at a time.
    3. Check the pipelining to true.
    4. Now you can right click on any blank space of the page and go to Newà Set the name as initialpaint.delay and set the value of it as 0. Here you have just set the time duration to zero in which Firefox acts on any received information.

    Limit the RAM Usage

    If you are with a computer if medium configuration, Firefox can take much of your RAM especially when you are browsing sites with heavy plugins or graphics. So, limiting the RAM access can help to solve the issue.

    Go to address bar and type about:config. And search for browser.cache there at the configuration page. Now you can set the value of browsing cache memory. It’s moderate to keep the value about 15000 if you have a 512 MB or 1GB RAM in your computer.

    Download Files Faster

    To make your download faster, here is a superb add-on of Firefox that almost works like a extremely fast download manager, but unlike the download managers, it’s very small in size and easy to use. DownThemAll is a free extension of Firefox that allows downloading almost any type of files from any page on the web. Dowload DownThemAll from here.

    Also, here are more tips for making the file download faster on your Firefox. Read the Firefox manual for more tips.

    Google Chrome Tricks to Turn It into Screamingly Fast

    Google Chrome- another popular browser worldwide ir pretty fast in web surfing with the default settings. But here are some more cool tricks to make ot extremely and screamingly faster, especially for users with slow internet-

    Allow More System Memory

    Giving Google Chrome some little more of your system memory can impressively turn the speed on while browsing websites with heavier elements. Just little known tricks for that- type chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area at the URL bar of the browser and change the default value to 512. This is actually allowing 512 MB of your RAM to be used by Chrome. Afterwards, faster browsing will follow.

    Terminate The RAM-heavy Processes

    While you are suing chrome, plenty of processes take place that run invisibly and take up the major share of allowed memory of RAM. So have a look on this background processes, just press Shift+Esc. Then from the appeared list, select those processes that use a significant portion of the RAM but are actually unnecessary. Select those applications individually and click on End Process.

    But before you decide any process to terminate, just perform a little web research to be confirmed about the unnecessity of it.

    Remove All of The Disabled Extensions

    In Google Chrome, plenty of extensions are available for doing all kind of nifty things that makes your browsing experience richer. But presence of so much disabled extensions may cause your internet speed to slow down. Thus, remove or terminate all of the inactive and useless extensions to increase the speed of browsing.

    Go to the Menu ButtonàMore ToolsàExtensions and uncheck the box next to each inactive extension.

    Close Open Tabs

    If you are up to internet for a long period of time, you may have plenty of tabs and WebPages opened. Existing plugins, videos or cookies from some of those pages can slow down the internet speed. So keep the unnecessary tabs closed and enjoy a much faster web experience.

    Make Your Opera Browser Load Webpages Faster

    Opera9.0 itself is a fast browser. But some simple tricks can make it even faster than ever. Now you decide between fast and faster if the answer is ‘faster’, then do these followings-

    Disable Local Network Lookup & Name Completion

    In Opera, whenever you put some words on the address bar, it looks over the bookmarks and history to find matches with the phrase and tries to find a local network related to the term as well. In the other hand, the server name completion tries to assign prefix and suffixes to the search terms automatically.

    To disable local network lookup and name completion, go to ToolsàPreferencesàAdvancedàNetworkàServer Name Completion and uncheck the Look for local Machine and try Name Completion option.

    Disable The Turbo Mode

    It may sound a little unusual, but disabling turbo mode of Opera essentially helps to speed up the web browsing. In turbo mode, the browser pre-draws the loaded part of images. That means, you can see part of images while loading. This process often slows down other downloading processes and browsing factors.

    In order to disable turbo mode, type about:config and search for Turbo into the search field. Disable the turbo mode by unchecking the option.