5 Innovation secrets behind the success of Steve Jobs

5 Innovation secrets behind the success of Steve Jobs

October 24, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Innovation is matter of perspective. Everyone knows Apple product launches have become the legend of stuff. It’s very clear that the success behind the Apple product is Steve Jobs. Apple wouldn’t be possible without him at all. As a former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. So, it’s not a time wasting if you’re reading this now. Every entrepreneur must know about him. Endlessly innovative ideas of him are the secrets behind his success. Everyone wants to innovate something new and make himself the legend of all time, but very few makes it come true.

    5 Innovation Secrets Behind Steve Jobs' Success

    Know The Best 5 Innovation Secrets Behind the Success of Steve Jobs:

    The innovation of Steve Jobs is must to know when you’re an entrepreneur. From making product and marketing, Steve Jobs has done everything fluently that anyone would be amazed how he did all. Well, it’s not that easy but you can follow his innovation to reach at the least of your dream. Let’s know how to be innovative like Steve Jobs.

    1. Love What You Love to Do:

    It might looks like a soft skill if you follow your passion but Steve Jobs indicates it can lead you to success. Once when Steve was asked what advice he would give to a new entrepreneur for better career, he said to go out and find a job as a busboy or something else until you find you’re really passionate about. Actually entrepreneurship is not easy and need determination. You won’t get that excitement to jump over the hurdles unless you find something you’re obsessed with.  So, find something that excites you.

    1. Start Kicking Your Brain:

    Our brain expands more when we cultivate it more. When you’ve got creativity in yourself, you will be innovated also. Steve Jobs believes that ‘Creativity is connecting things’. He also believes that a broad set of experience helps to understand the human experience. Broadening experience means getting inspirations from others. It also leads you to step forward that others may have missed. You would be surprised to know that Jobs has found inspirations many times from in a phone book. He uses other’s industries ideas to use his own creativity but don’t steals.

    1. Don’t Sell product, Sell Dreams:

    Steve Jobs believes that Apple’s product buyer aren’t customers, they are the people with hopes and ambitions. So, it’s clear that he builds products so that people can buy their dreams. He once revealed, you’ve got to be a crazy to buy a Max, but in craziness they see genius. So, you’ve to know your customers. You got to understand their dreams so that you can fulfill those dreams.

    1. Don’t Go With Unnecessary Things:

    Steve once said that he’s as proud of what they don’t do as he is of what they do. He build products with uncluttered and simple design. This extends beyond products. That’s why we don’t see any unnecessary things in the design of iPod to the iPad, packaging of the products and functionality of the Apple’s website. Innovation means cutting of the unnecessary things so that the necessary can speak- in Apple’s means. In a meanwhile give a second thought ‘what can I cut?’ It can be your website making difficulty to find what people are searching, your product’s presentation can be too much long or.

    1. Create Insanely Experiences of the Customers:

    Apple has created the gold standard view in the Customer service. It has become the world’s best retailer with its simple innovations and Apple has created more deeper and emotional connections with their customers. For example, we all know there are no cashiers in an Apple store. Why? Apple is not in the moving boxes of business. They do business of enriching lives. So, you should also try to improve customer’s experience about your product. It can be your website or materials. Customers should have an emotional bond with your product. You can improve it by asking yourself.

    The success of Steve Jobs is not only his innovation. He has saw a dream and got that motivation to always point at his dreams. So, see a dream and make sure you’re going on a right path to fulfill that.

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