How to Set Up and Customize Cortana in Windows 10

How to Set Up and Customize Cortana in Windows 10

October 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Activating “Hey, Cortana” is one of the standout useful features for the windows users. Everyone knows Cortana is the digital voice assistant for the windows 10 PC and phone platform. She acts like Siri with more additions. Windows users can install it on their pc to get weather forecasts, set reminders, send email, find files & photos, explore internet, set alarms, track packages, launch programs and many more. One of the most innovative features of windows 10 summon with hey Cortana voice commands. It is nothing just conveying your voice commands. You can easily install it on your windows 10 PC to get more skillful experience.

    Enable ‘Hey, Cortana’ in Windows 10:

    Windows 10 is still in the technical preview for you only have to enable this feature. So, it is not enabled by default. As everybody doesn’t want to have a voice commands activated digital assistant on their PC. Once you activated this feature, your computer won’t pay attention to anything without exact these two words: Hey Cortana. Generally this feature sits on your taskbar waiting until you click on her. She will asked your name when you are going to set up her for the first time to personalize herself to you. It’s not essential if you skip it anyway. In this following article I will let you know how to enable “Hey, Cortana.”

    Let’s know the methods here.

    • From the taskbar click on the search box.
    • Search window will appear. At the left side of the window click on Notebook. That placed in the top center and looks like a square with a circle.
    • Henceforth click on Settings icon.
    • Now you will see a button called ‘Hey, Cortana.’ Toggle the button to activate hey Cortana’s voice commands.

    It’s done! Your computer will perform like before. But whenever you need Cortana to work for you, you have to say ‘Hey, Cortana’ followed by your command- for example hey Cortana sing a song for me. I would recommend you to resume with a voice command immediately when the activation prompt. You shouldn’t wait until Cortana loads and indicate that she is listening.

     Show or Hide Button:

    Cortana generally stays in the taskbar; as a simple big sized search bar where you can type your commands also. It is only available when the taskbar is at the bottom or as a simple button. You can choose any of these modes. You can also hide the search button completely. On an empty space of the taskbar Right-click and toggle to the Search field. Now you can choose either Show search icon or Show search box. If you want to hide this button, you can select Hidden option. But you can still access searches by using keyboard. To do so press windows button + S. Otherwise you can simply search when the start menu is first opened.

    Customize Cortana:

    As I said before in this article, she will ask you your name when you first start using. Give her your name, nickname or anything that you would like to hear. Because this is the name she will be using when notifications or queries will need a name. Subsequently she will ask your location data. If you don’t want to share your location data her, just disable it for privacy. You have to enable it if you want to get personalized local results.

    When you activate Cortana on your windows 10 PC, it doesn’t mean you need all the features of her. Popping up with non-vital alerts and tips are one of the active portions of Cortana. You can disable it if you want as they are nothing than a hindrance. Search in the search box by typing Cortana Settings. You will get the search result where Cortana & search settings will be at the top, click on that. You will get a variety of options from there. The first available option allows you to disable this hindrance feature of her. So, change this setting and turn that Off if you don’t any unwanted pop up notifications & tips.

    The second setting Learn my voice let you control voice activation phrase “Hey Cortana” of the search function. This function can simply work accurate if you’re a single user of your computer. Click on Learn my voice and this will guide you through a series of tests to make sure if your microphone is working properly. So, it will learn your voice and you will able to open Cortana window instantly in any phrase of screen.

    Else, you can turn off this revealing by switching off Hey Cortana. This helps to save your battery power if you’re using Windows 10 on a laptop. This is also helpful if your desktop has no microphone. So, you have to manually activate voice search by clicking on the microphone button in the search bar any time.

    The other two options are to disable flight information, other tracking information which gathers email and messages linked up with your Microsoft account automatically and taskbar tidbits. If you have the self-confident and ability to learn operating Windows 10, you don’t these options turned on. You can disable them from here.

    The bottom of the list is about Bing’s safe search settings and the boarder windows privacy settings. All the searches you made by Cortana or she does, will be searched by Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine by default.

    Cortana Home Screen Settings:

    You see Cortana home screen along with a heads up display of personalized items and news that she thinks you’re interested in at the moment, when you click on the search button. You can get the greater thing like what to show or what not show in the notebook section. To remove a sub-section from the Home-Screen click on the Three Horizontal Dots at the top right place of any individual section referred to like Cards of the Cortana interface. To hide the section, click on Hide or Edit in Notebook to access the relevant notebook page.

     Cortana Notebook Settings:

    You can make the changes in the Home view search results about appearing the sections. Click the button below the Home button at the left side of Cortana window to access notebook. As a user I found this is the way to access Cortana’s learned information about myself and to customize which greater suggestions on my questions and other search inquiries. So, it’s up to you to enable or disable the search results and tools. Eat & Drink, Finance, Events, Getting Around, Music, Movies & TV, News, Sports, Travel, Weather, and Meetings & Reminders has got some information from web searches and specific services and know your preferences based on your search. You can change the settings in case you don’t like the results or set the card off to simply disable those results in Cortana. Otherwise you can manually tweak them like which atmosphere you like for your restaurant type or selecting your favorite teams for sports keeps you up-to-date. You can click on each sub-menu to tweak or adjust the settings.

    Name & Locations Settings:

    The name you entered on first set up Cortana and if you want to change that name click on About me from the notebook view and select Change My Name. Now set the name you want.

    Then Cortana will let you change the pronunciation. Click on hear how I’ll say it for the audio playback, if you’re not satisfied with the results then click on that’s wrong. When you speak loud, Cortana will try to learn your pronunciation.

    From About Me page, you can edit places, locations for home, work and other places. This can be useful when you’re out on a vacation, you can know your home zone time. You have to manually add these locations of these places from here.

    Accounts Settings:

    Accounts that are connected with your PC allow you to manage Microsoft or any third party services that Cortana can approach. To get the most of this digital assistant, it’s best to leave all these settings enabled. In case, you have any sensitive accounts you can disable that. You can also un-link them so that you can use Cortana as a sole web and computer search tool.

    Cortana Reminders settings:

    The third icon in the left menu is Reminders. You can set automatic reminders by searching in Cortana. For example remind me to send mail, will bring a screen with a notification linked to the specific time, person (if the person is in your Microsoft Contacts list) or places (if your phone or computer agree on that it’s in a matching location). You can edit these reminders from the reminders page. To modify or delete existing reminder, click on the specific reminder. To create a new reminder you can click on “+” icon in the lower left corner.

    Give Feedback to Microsoft’s Support:

    Microsoft is still developing Cortana for Windows 10. You can send feedback associated with your problems, encouragements, ideas, attached screenshots if necessary to Microsoft’s support team by clicking the last icon on the left-hand menu.

    Well, it’s not enough to describe how you can utilize and customize Cortana. She is more than a digital assistant. To know additional type your comment in the comment box below.