How to Set or Change Default Apps in Android

How to Set or Change Default Apps in Android

October 30, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are so many perks for Android users. Huge amount of apps and games availability in Google Play Store and other market places is one of an alteration reason to choose Android phones over iPhone or windows mobile. The only thing that trouble having multiple apps to do a single task. So, Android will ask which app you want to use for every time until you set the default action to “always”. In earlier days, you can set default app by clearing data of the default app to move another app.

    How to Remove and Set Default Apps

    Actually, you liked one of the apps and set that app as your default action but after a while you may want to relapse. But the reverse process is painful. You have to clear the current default app data, choose the new app and make it again default app. You have to do this again when you want jump to another app.

    Today, I will guide you through the easier process to set up default apps in your android device.

    Remove Default Apps:

    Rather than doing anything, you have to find out your current default app before changing it. Unfortunately, you don’t know your current default app then you can download Default App Manager Lite. This will guide you through knowing default app.

    • Head over to Settings of your phone.
    • Select Apps by scrolling down a little.
    • Now, select the app which is being set as default.
    • Tap on Launch by Default.
    • Click on Clear Defaults.

    To remove every default apps you have to go through this same process individually.

    Set or Change Default Apps:

    Once you’ve cleared the default app’s defaults data then you can now set your new default app. Now, you can tap on the specific app and select “Always” when it asks you for the action.

    How to Reset All Data Default Apps:

    Sometimes, you just can’t find out your default app or which app is actually frenzy. But, there is still an option. This process is easier but before you go for it I would like to point out something for you. Once you reset All Data Default Apps all the disable apps will be enabled, app notifications will turned on, background data restrictions will turned off if you’ve turned it on and other app settings also. But, you won’t lose ant data from your phone. You may need to reconfigure to make things as you like them.

    • Go to Settings from your home screen.
    • Select Apps and you will see three dotted icon at the upper right corner. Click on the icon.
    • Select Reset App Preferences from the drop down menu.
    • A warning pop-up menu will come notifying you the other changes when you’re done with the reset setting. Click on Reset Apps.

    Defaults apps help you to make smoother interaction and more functional experience with Android.  So, don’t let yourself slow down due to those unwanted assigned default app. Set them as you want and experience the whole of Android. Let us know if you want to more about it or anything that we’ve missed out today in the given comment box below.