How to Set Quiet Hours in Windows 10

How to Set Quiet Hours in Windows 10

September 28, 2018 By alberto

    Windows 10 provides a feature called “Quiet Hours” that allow users to work without any distraction. There are many who may want to turn on or off quite hours in windows 10. If you set up quiet hours then unwanted notification will not show temporally. Pop- up windows notifications are useful but sometimes they may annoy you. A rectangle pop-up message appears at the slide of the lower right screen. They are called toasty notifications. They disappear after a few seconds automatically if you don’t click on them. As a regular windows user I sometimes find it diverting issue when pop-up notifications arise about an upcoming events, emails, facebook messages, anti-virus update, upcoming birthdays and many more. So, I searched for the solution to stop those unwanted notifications.

    windows action center quite hour

    Set Up Quiet Hours in Windows 10:

    In windows 8 quiet hours was first debuted. You could set up it to turn on or off for specific times. You wouldn’t be notifying if you set up quiet hour during 12 p. m. to 10. a .m. Whether you are writing, doing programming, watching movies or playing games, turning on quiet hours won’t notify about any pop-up notifications. Gladly Microsoft has restored the feature also in Windows 10 but the timing aspect has not still roll up.

    Sometimes, you may want to disable all the app notifications while doing important works on your PC. In today’s article I will show you how to set up quiet hours in windows 10.

    Turn On or Off Quiet Hours in Windows 10:

    • You can access quite hours feature from the action center.
    • Just click on Action Center at lower right corner of the screen.
    • Click on Quite Hours to turn it on or off.

    How to Turn Off the Notifications Alerts On Screen Lock:

    In windows 10, there are many times arise when you may not want to be distracted by the sound of bubbles popping-up sound and notifications. I don’t like them while I am giving presentation. So, I am going to share how to turn off pop up bubbles notifications and sounds on the lock screen.

    • Open in turn- Settings > System > Notifications and actions.
    • Turn off Show notification on the lock screen.
    • You should also turn off other lock screen alerts of Show alarms, reminders and incoming VOIP calls.
    • Now, now lock screen notifications messages will not appear on your PC screen anymore.

     Set Up Quiet Hours During Presentations:

    While giving presentations you can turn off notifications in widows 10. This setting will help you to squash all the alert bubbles notifications and sound while your pc is connected to a projector or Microsoft PowerPoint. Know the procedure to do so.

    • Open Settings >Settings >Notifications and actions.
    • Now scroll down to find Hide notifications while presenting and turn that on.

    Disable All The notification Alerts Per –App Basis:

    If you want to turn off quiet hours for specific apps then you can do it manually in windows 10.

    • Click on Settings and then open System > Notifications and actions.
    • Scroll down a little you will find Show notifications from these apps.
    • Select individually all the apps that you want to turn off notifications by scrolling as each app will show on/off option beside each of them.

    I hope this article will improve your working experience in windows 10. Stay with us for more handy tips.