How To Setup Subdomain at Blogger

September 18, 2018 By alberto

    After a few days I’ve come with another important post. This is How to setup subdomain at blogger. It’s so easy though many people asked me about the process. In fact we and our many friends are using blogger/ blogspot. So sometimes we need to setup subdomain. Suppose I have a blog. That is I want this will be Yes it’s possible and very easy. And here is a subdomain. And now we will know how to setup subdomain at blogger.

    setup subdomain blogger

    How To Setup Subdomain At Blogger:

    We can do it in three steps. Let’s know these steps.


    1. Go to and select your desired site.

    2. Go to setting and select basic. (Basic will be selected Automatically)

    3. Find Publishing. There you will see blog address.

    4. Click on Edit.

    5. Now Click on ‘Setup 3rd party URL for your blog.


    6. Now type your desired subdomain address. Example:

    7. Now click on Save.

    8. You should see an error.
    9. There you will see “Name, Label or Host” Field and “Destination, Target or Points To” field.



    1. Now go to your domain register or cpanel.
    2. Go to Edit DNS Zone/ Simple DNS Zone Editor.

    3. Now add two CNAME records according to the information from

    How To Map A Subdomain To using cpanel
    4. To add 1st CNAME Record just type the subdomain prefix on the Name box. Example: for type only tv. It will automatically If it won’t change automatically, type full subdomain address Now on CNAME Box type as it appeared in blogger error. Now click on Add CNAME Record.
    5. Now add 2nd CNAME Record. Type Name as information and CNAME will be according to information or only I prefer


    Go to blogger and click on save. Now It will be saved. After a few minutes you will discover your blog on your desired subdomain. Example is now If you visit you will be automatically redirected to

    So Guys we have learned how to setup a subdomain at If you have any question, ask me through comment.
    To know how to setup subdomain on click here.