Unveil Saved Passwords in Text Instead of Dots in Web Browsers

Unveil Saved Passwords in Text Instead of Dots in Web Browsers

October 3, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Web Browsers’ auto complete feature is awesome. If you save your login details in browsers, It will automatically fill password input box after you input email or username. For security reasons, All popular web browsers will show your passwords as dots (….). But you can easily unveil that dotted passwords. It is not a big deal. Every browsers have options to view your password. You use that feature. But there is another way that will impress you surely.

    password inspect

    How to View Saved Passwords of Web Browsers:

    I will describe both methods. At firs know the common method that everyone knows.

    1. View Saved Passwords from Browser Settings / Options:

    Chrome and Firefox both have this feature. In Chrome, You can get all of your saved credentials from settings. Here are the details –

    • Go to Settings.
    • Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings…
    • Now, Find and click on Manage passwords.

    manage pass chrome

    • You will see all of your saved credentials.
    • Just select any and click on Show.

    show pass chrome

    • You will be asked for your computer user account (Administrator)  password. Give it and view the saved password.

    In Mozilla Firefox, It is a bit different. Just follow these things –

    • Type about:preferences#security in your address bar and press Enter.
    • Now, Click on Saved logins.

    mozilla saved logins 1

    • In new windows, Click on Show passwords.

    Like these two browsers, All web browsers have this similar feature. Which is very common. But what if you don’t want to view passwords by this way? Yes, There is another method and that is the best i think.

    Reveal Passwords in Web Browsers by Inspecting Elements:

    This is not really a big deal. Just follow these steps –

    • In password box where you see the dots, Right click and select Inspect (Chrome Browser)inspect pw box
    • You will get a line that should be selected automatically. That line should be like –
    <input type="password" class="inputtext" name="pass" id="pass" tabindex="2">
    • Now, Change type=”password” to type=”text”. To do it, You may need to double click on that line.

    inspect pw text

    • Now, Close the inspect window and see the password instead of dots.

    Watch the video to understand more clearly:

    By this way, You can view any saved passwords in text instead of dots or stars in any web browsers.