How to Sign Up Google for Play Family Library

How to Sign Up Google for Play Family Library

August 10, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    After Apple’s Family Sharing feature now Google has also brought a new feature called Google play family library. It is an amazing feature to share movies, games, TV, app, purchases and other things on up to six Google accounts of your family members. You just need to sign up to enjoy the benefits of this feature simply.

    Sign up and Get Started With Google Play Family Library:

    Sharing your Google play apps and purchases has never been so easy. Thankfully Google finally enabled some kind of sharing feature for the avid users. It will let you connect to up to six accounts so that you can share content, shared credit card. So, all of you can share apps, books, movies and games with each other.

    As family members will share their content each other, Google planned a onetime payment service. You need to enable family manager to control purchases and downloading content. Anyway you should note that the manager needs approval of downloads before a member can get a content. It can also choose who can access your content.

    Restrictions of Google Play Family Library:

    But you have to know some restrictions of it. Even the purchased videos can be shared to multiple devices through the service but the videos can’t be streamed at a time at multiple devices. The videos will be streamed in one device at a time.

    Apart from video streaming at one time users must aware of that they can’t share music. Music sharing isn’t available. But Google has kept an available service for music streaming is Music Play Music All Access. This service is not for free. You have to spend $ 14.99 for every month.

    Setting Up Google Play Family Library:

    You need to make sure that you are allowed for setting up a family group. This group must have a family manager.  He must meet some certain eligibility requirements. The manger must be 18 users old or more than it. He must have a credit card and not a member of another family library. But family members should be at least 13 years old and must have a Google account.

    As for now Google play family library is available in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand and France.

    You just need to make sure that you have a personal Gmail account. Google accounts for business is are not able to create a Google play family library.

    The process is very easy. Let’s know how you will sign up for it.

    • Open your Google Play
    • Tap on the Menu Icon which is in left side of the search bar.
    • Now, click on Account.
    • Hover to Family.
    • Navigate to Sign Up for Family Library.
    • Select Sign Up.
    • To select yourself as the Family Manager click on Continue.
    • Now again click on Continue to accept the Google play terms of service and Google’s privacy policy.
    • Now, select Set up for setting up a family payment method.
    • Confirm the preferred credit card is selected. Then click on Accept.
    • You’ll be asked to verify the CVC for the Credit Card. You have to enter the three digit code from the back of your credit card and select Verify.
    • If you want you can add all the eligible purchases now or decide to add them later and tap on Continue.
    • Now select Continue to add members. Else, you can select Skip to add them later on.
    • If you want to send invitations then swipe to scroll through your contacts. Now, find the family members or friends to your share group. Or tap on Add Recipients at the top to search or you can manually add them by entering Gmail Address.
    • Click on Send once you’ve done with your invitations.
    • Select Got it and the setup process is done.

    Now, once members accept your invitation you’re all set to enjoy shared content.

    How You Will Accept Google Play Family Library:

    How will you accept invitation if someone have sent already? Well, I will discuss about that now. You will have to accept invitation through your Gmail.

    • From your app drawer or menu launch the Gmail app or Go to com.
    • Open inbox and you’ll find invitation mail. Now, open the mail and select Accept Invitation. It will launch Chrome if you’re in Gmail app.
    • Click on Get started.
    • You will have to enter your account password and click Sign in. Now, you will login to your account.
    • This will launch the Google Play Store.
    • Select Join. (This will accepts the Google Play terms of service and Google’s privacy policy.)
    • You can add previously purchased items to your family library.
    • You can also add them individually later on, select Continue.
    • Now, click on Got it.

    Well, you’re all set to use Google Play Family Library. Now, I will show you how to access shared content.

    How to Access Shared Content from Your Google Account:

    When you’re all in Google Play library, everyone has been joined and added their shared content in shared folder, you have to access them. But how will you do it? Let’s know the process. I will access the shared apps and games.

    • Go to Google Play store from the Home Screen or app drawer.
    • Click on the Menu icon. (It’s on the left side of the search bar.)
    • Click on My apps and Games.
    • Select Family Library tab.
    • There you will see all the shared available apps and games to your group.

    Let me know in the comment box below if you’ve any other questions related to Google play Family Library. I hope this will let you enjoy it without any troubles and enjoy the shared content in easier way.