Skip Statements That Can Ruin Someone’s Day

Skip Statements That Can Ruin Someone’s Day

October 9, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Remind yourself about a morning you decided to start fresh. You were all boosted and motivated, while, looking forward to an amazing day ahead. But then, suddenly something terrible happened, something so dreadful, that you did not feel like to pursue the day at all. Do you remember what actually went wrong? If not, let me help you, what happened was, you got affected by some negative statement. I know it motionless continue happening to you. Nevertheless, how much you try to avoid such people and their statements, they still persist to leave an influence on your day. However, the harm is not intentionally  made, neither is your mind consciously hurt. Sometimes we ourselves repeat parallel statements that leaves comparative results on others. All these are impulsive factors which can take control of the situation in a while. The way these statements can  affect you, similarly, it can impinge on others too. I think, it is very important for us to skip statements , that can ruin someones day.

    Why You Should  Skip  Statements

    You should skip making few statements because, they can be as useless as the  Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation. These are the stuffs you say or hear that has no benefits. So, I will discuss about 5 superficial statements that only leaves depressing affects.

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    1. Oh! You have a pimple on your face

    Okay, so, I know, I have a pimple, and you see that is not affecting me much, is that why you mentioned about it, out of nowhere. Like, do want me to mourn about or are you disturbed by  the fact that I am acting to normal about such an intense issue. Seriously, I see no other reason for you to state about my pimple. What will I do know something that I already know. Now I am completely aware that  pimple is quite visible. Thanks for your concern, now I actually regret being in open-air with that pimple. Only if everyone knew a skip statements list existed, life would have been easier.

    2. I heard about it, I am so sorry, you guys were so cute together

    No matter what the loss is, I know you do not care, plus I know, you just wanted to remind me of it, so that we can discuss about my loss. Go on you can feel blessed from my loss now. Listen love, if I am not bringing the topic up, it is may because, it is something personal. Give me some time I may talk about it myself, if you are close enough I will. If I don’t, it is because I don’t want to. I am just not comfortable talking about it. I am working hard to believe we were never cute together, so, yeah! Thanks for reminding me all of that, now I know how much you care, and that is really helping me a lot. Let me just recover from the damage you made, I will visit you someday and teach you what skip statements are.

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    3. Looks like you have gained weight

    Oh! really? I may look normal while saying, but you don’t know what is going to my head, I am already picturing a whole week where I am starving, a week where I am only working out. Nothing matters anymore, I was planning to go chill with my friends, now I won’t, as chilling involves food. You made me feel like I have no rights to be happy anymore. Thanks, thanks a lot, but I was living my life better without your keen observation. This is like the worst yet most common annoying statement from this skip statements discussion.
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    You used to have a lot more hair- If I am a man, this specific statement is going to hurt me more than you realize. All my life, the fear of being balt haunted me, now you are making me live that nightmare.  Even if I am a girl, still, this statement will still make me worry throughout the day. This is such a vague issue to talk about. Like I know I had the same amount of hair for decades, don’t confuse me.

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    4. I think you should take a baby now

    It was a pleasure knowing what you think, but I don’t think you will take care of them or feed them. And you never  know, maybe I want one, but it’s just not happening, so think before you speak, this is a sensitive issue. Try avoiding this topic, this is not just a random suggestion, maybe someone’s whole world is depending on this,  don’t make it worse. This is the most important statement out of the whole skip statements list.
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    Thank you for reading, I hope it was entertaining.

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