Skyroam Hotspot is a Convenient Device For Connections to WiFi

Skyroam Hotspot is a Convenient Device For Connections to WiFi

August 28, 2019 By ellen

    Connection or No Connection


    Have you ever felt frustrated because you cannot connect to WiFi? Imagine reaching a connection and suddenly the network connection disappears. What are some options when this happens? You can buy a SIM card, pay for roaming charges, or get an international plan on your phone. The expense is exorbitant. Connecting to WiFi is not easy when traveling, and sometimes there is not connection at all. The Skyroam Solis Hotspot is the device you are looking for to avoid being annoyed when using technology.

    A Device for a WiFi Connection

    Forbes Skyroam

    The Skyroam Hotspot is a portable WiFi connection device. Anywhere you want to go just grab your Skyroam and connect. In our time, connecting and being online is very important. Every job requires us to be connected to a network. Communication with the world has created a dependence on WiFi interactions.

    Being Connected at all Times


    Why is it so important to be connected to the WiFi? Our world is open to us when we are connected to receiving information. WiFi allows us to be connected to internet services in an efficient and faster way. WiFi was created and released to consumers in 1997. WiFi allowed two megabytes/per second of data transfer wirelessly between devices. It is a fairly new invention.

    Connecting On the Go

    • Grab a Skyroam Hotspot to connect on the go.
    • Power on and press start and connect 5 devices-buy and activate 24 hour day passes.
    • Enjoy unlimited data and fast WiFi connection. The connection can be used in 130 plus countries with a flat daily rate.

    Connections Before WiFi

    Stephouse: DSL and High Speed

    The hissing sounds of dial-up internet services was a sound of the 1990’s. When the internet came into focus, around 1995, internet connections were slow and gradual with a lot of noise through your phone line. Now, we still need a phone line, but broadband speeds are included.

    Solutions for a New Internet


    DSL allows users to access phone lines and internet services simultaneously. Remember the time when if someone was on the internet the phone line was not accessible? Going wireless is a modern occurrence where speed seems to be a convenience we all crave when accessing the internet. However, internet traffic can be an issue when using a public WiFi connection. The Skyroam Hotspot comes in handy when leaving our home and looking for a secure connection.