Some Extra Tecniques to Improve Alexa Rank

Some Extra Tecniques to Improve Alexa Rank

October 10, 2018 By alberto

    Every Webmasters’ dream is improved Alexa rank. It means many things for a website. A website’s reputation is also dependent on it. Advertisers also like higher ranked websites. So as a webmaster you should know some extra techniques to improve it. And today, My blog topic is about this alexa rank improvement technique. High quality SEO friendly article, social sharing and a good number of visitors increase it. This is known to all. But you should know a few steps to improve it.

    SEO Tecniques to Improve Alexa Rank

    Best Techniques to Improve Alexa Rank:

    There are a few steps to follow –

    1. Claim Your Site:

    At first create your account in alexa and then claim your website. To claim your website – Add your website to alexa account and then verify it. There are 3 verifying options. You can verify by using meta tag. But it will be better if you verify by certify code. It’s not available in free account. You have to purchase one of their package. Claiming your website is good to improve alexa rank.

    2. Use Alexa Widget:

    Using alexa widget is another awesome technique to improve alexa rank. You can add it to your website very easily. You can get alexa widget codes from Alexa Support Site. just replace with your web address. But may be you want to use alexa widget code but not want to display alexa rank in your website. In that case you can use the code below.

    <div style="display:none;">
    <a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

    Note: Replace with your domain address. If you are using SSL Certificate, Alexa widget may not work. Because, it’s not suitable for https site. Alexa should update this code.

    3. Use Alexa Toolbar:

    To improve Alexa rank, Alexa toolbar is a good option. Alexa track website’s traffic amount by this toolbar. Maximum number of visitors with alexa toolbar increase alexa rank for a site. You visit your website frequently. So if you install alexa toolbar in your web browsers, it will help to boost your ranking. You can download alexa toolbar from Or you can also download this toolbar from your browsers’ addon or extension store. To download alexa toolbar for chrome click here. For Firefox click here. For Internet Explorer you need to go to here.

    After using alexa toolbar, You will be noticed that your improved alexa rank.

    4. Write High Quality Content:

    High quality contents will help you to improve alexa rank. So, You should know How to Right SEO Friendly High Quality Article.

    5. Backlinks and Social Sharing:

    Increase your backlinks in good websites which DA score is above 20. As well as increase your social sharing. It will boost your alexa rank. But don’t spamming.

    6. Post Publishing Frequency:

    This is very much important. Don’t publish posts randomly in your website. Otherwise, your alexa rank will be worst. If you publish one article per day, Select a time for it. Publish everyday at same time. It will also help to improve alexa rank.

    7. Alexa Dofollow Link:

    I’m not sure about it. But many peoples told me about it. Write something about alexa in your website and make a do follow backlink for alexa. It will help to improve alexa rank.

    So guys, these are some few effective steps to increase alexa rank. If you know any other extra tricks, You can share with us by comment box.