Fix Some Settings are Hidden or Managed by Your Organization

Fix Some Settings are Hidden or Managed by Your Organization

August 24, 2018 By kirsten

    Some settings are managed by your organization is a known problem for windows users. Specially, Windows 10 users face this message frequently. It prevents you to control (Turn on / off) your notifications, privacy settings, Windows Update etc. So, This is very important to know the solution.Screenshot some settings are hidden or managed by your organization

    I’m writing about this problem because of my experience. I faced this problem and was like crazy to solve it. But i was upset none of the tricks i found online were working to fix some settings are managed by your organization. Every time, I wanted to turn off some of my notifications from windows 10 settings, I failed. At last, I found the awesome and working methods to fix this problem. Now, I’ll share these methods with you.

    In fact, You may see this message in anywhere of settings window. For some users the problem name is a bit different. It may appear as some settings are hidden or managed by your organization. However, The troubleshooting steps are same. Before knowing how to troubleshoot this problem, you should know why you are actually encountering this problem.

    Reasons Behind Some Settings are Managed by your Organization:

    In fact, I could not find any specific reasons. But i guess one of my activity was the reason. I added one of my work account ([email protected]). After that Microsoft windows 10 showed me a message to change windows policy for security reason. I’m not sure. But i guess that was the reason behind loosing my control to notification settings. Or probably, The last windows 10 update was the reason.

    How to Fix Some Settings are Hidden and Managed by Your Organization:

    All troubleshooting steps won’t work for you. Any specific one will work. It depends on how you are encountering some settings are hidden or manged by your organization. You can fix this problem by tweaking group policy or registry. However, Here are the methods to remove this problem.

    1. Tweak from Group Policy Editor:

    Most users want the easiest and shortcut way to get rid of any sort of problems related to windows or any other operating system. For them, Group policy editor is a popular choice. Actually, Tweaking a few things in group policy editor can fix some settings are hidden or managed by your organization. Here are the details how you can use gp editor to resolve this problem.

    • At first, Open Start Menu and type gpedit.msc.

    run gpedit.msc as administrator

    • Now, Right click on gpedit.msc and Run as Administrator.
    • Then, Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds.
    • Then, Find Allow Telemetry and double click on it.
    • Now, Change its setting to Enabled and change the drop down menu entry to 3-Full.

    Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization fixing from Allow Telemetry

    • Click on Apply and OK.
    • Again open the file and change setting like before. That means change Enabled to Not Configured.
    • Now check and see the problem has gone.

    In some cases, It may not work. So, You can do additional things. Believe me, it will work. But, What you will do in group policy editor depends on where you are actually encountering “Some settings are managed by your organization”.

    For example,

    If this problem appear in windows update window, do these things:

    • Like before, Open gpedit.msc and go to Computer configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.
    • Then, Double click on Configure Automatic Updates.
    • Mark Not Configured.
    • Now, Click apply and OK.

    For Desktop Background Change window,

    • Navigate to Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization > Prevent changing desktop background
    • Set it as Not Configured or Disabled

    For Notification Window:

    • User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar > Notifications > Turn off toast notifications.

    Lock Screen Settings:

    • The location is Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Prevent changing Lock screen image
    • Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Do not display the Lock screen.

    For Themes:

    • Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization > Prevent changing theme

    For all cases, Set the settings as Disabled or Not configured. Check the list for group policy and registry locations. However, You can see for every settings. It will help you to remove some settings are hidden or managed by your organization problem.

    2. Changing Registry Setting

    You can change one of your registry settings. It may fix this problem. To do it, Follow the instructions.

    • Open Run. To open it – Press Windows Logo Key + R from keyboard.
    • Type regedit and press Enter.
    • Now, You will have to navigate to a location which depends on how you are actually encountering this problem.

    If it appears in notification settings:

    • At first, Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > PushNotifications from registry editor.
    • Now, you will see NoToastApplicationNotification. Double click on it.

    Fix Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization from NoToastApplicationNotification

    • Now change its value 1 to 0. 1 is default value. You will make it 0.
    • Click on OK.
    • Now, Sign out your Microsoft Account. Sign in again.
    • Now see the problem has gone.

    For Wallpaper Setting:

    • Go to SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ActiveDesktop

    However, You can find all registry locations from the list i have mentioned above. In all cases, you may set the value 0 or 1 and see which one works for you.

    This method must work if you can do everything in right way.

    3. Changing Privacy Settings

    • At first, Go to Settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics.
    • Then, Change Diagnostics and usage data setting to Full.

    Alternative Ways to Fix Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization

    I don’t know why but some users are reporting these fixes doesn’t work for them. It may have possible reasons. One of the major reasons is their windows is not up to date. Another reason is something changed or modified may have their system files. In that case, To fix this problem, I would like to recommend you to update windows to latest version. Then try the above methods. I hope, It will help you to get rid of this problem. If you still face the issue, Just run SFC and DISM command. I’ve already described how to do it in my another article Repair System Files in Windows.

    So, These are the methods to get rid of Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization. There are many threads about this error. You can read one of these from microsoft support forum.