Sony RX1R II : The New Luxury Camera Review

Sony RX1R II : The New Luxury Camera Review

October 11, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The Sony RX1R II may have a steep price when you first look at it, but it’s definitely worth the purchase. A luxurious camera with a whopping 42-megapixels, it’s got many things that no typical camera’s got.

    But before that, let me tell you that I’m a huge fan of DSLR’s. There’s something about the bodies that scream professionalism and ensure a good shot, also depending on the photographer, of course. While I tend to lean towards these kinds of cameras, they also have a few downsides. Not only are they bulky and heavy to carry, they are also sometimes not allowed to use in certain areas! The hefty price tag, extra equipment and maintenance are also some things to consider, which is probably why you should be a serious hobbyist or professional who loves their camera! So for those wanting the quality shots without the complications and bulkiness, there’s another solution than a very high-end phone with mediocre camera quality, and that’s a digital camera!

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    Sony RX1R II Review:

    Digital cameras are compact cameras that are smaller than DSLR’s but still hold similar settings to one. While they aren’t for professional shoots or as great as DSLR’s, they till give quality images anyone is sure to be satisfied with, depending on the model. Being an “adventurous” one, I decided to check out some of the best compact cameras to use. While Canon and Nikon are more of the popular brands, I was keener into testing a Sony camera, which I heard holds a great reputation for image and video quality at a smaller body. And I found the Sony RX1R II. At $3,300, you’ll be wondering what this camera’s got against any other typical compact camera, or even a DSLR! It’s a luxury camera, and here’s what I thought about it:


    One word: Sleek. If I could add in another one, I’ll say professional. For a compact camera, at least. It felt comfortable in my hands and at 1.1 pounds, I needn’t worry about its weight or size. But it isn’t just your typical point-and-shoot camera, as inside it is a whopping 42 megapixels that will surely give you the best images any compact camera can deliver. It’s got its basic control buttons that’ll be easy for anyone to pick up on, but some are awkwardly placed. It’s got an eye viewfinder that makes it convenient, instead of having to look at the 3-inch LCD to take photos. But, it comes with a price, and that’s the flash, which you’ll have to pay extra for.


    With a nice autofocus system and quick to take photos, I can say that its performance is topnotch. Not only that, but the image quality is impressive as well, beating most (if not all!) compact cameras out there. I was definitely satisfied with the images I took, with Sony living up to my expectations and its price. There is definite sharpness and minimal blur, and for a small camera, you have many options when taking photos such as an ISO that can go as low as 50 to as high as 102,400 (Which, in my opinion, isn’t very usable anyway). Video quality proves to be the same, as vivid as the images it produces!

    Unfortunately, battery life isn’t as great as its images and videos, withstanding only 200 shots before you’ll have to recharge it. I would recommend also purchasing a spare battery if you’re one to use it for a long time or for long events. A big con, especially since I like taking a LOT more than 200 photos at a time!

    A plus side about the Sony RX1R II is the fact that it’s got a built in Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can pair it with your Android or iOS device, collecting the photos and videos at ease. Not only that, but the free downloadable apps can give you tips on how to use the camera, along with updates.


    Ah, the controversial price. At $3,300, you’ll expect it to be made of gold, yes? Kidding aside, it’s at a good price, though not for everyone. To be fair, it comes with a whole year warranty and a complete package. It only uses one lens, so you won’t have to worry about investing in different types of lenses or having to pay extra for maintenance, unlike most DSLR’s. And did I mention that it’s lightweight and can be used just about anywhere? I would save up for it, especially if you’re one who likes using cameras as a hobby or profession.

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    Final Words

    Now this camera is definitely not one for the masses. If you’ve got the extra budget and want to invest on a superb camera without the bulkiness and extra expenses or high maintenance, then the Sony RX1R II is best for you. It can be for the professional wanting a less bulky camera for simple shoots, or makes a great gift for yourself if you’re willing to spend a bit more. I can say that even with a price similar to a DSLR, you won’t be sorry with its exquisiteness and number of options that you can tinker with.

    Now, would I recommend it? A definite yes! But I won’t really push for you to get it immediately if you’re on a budget. There are good models out there that are attainable and practical. Like what I said, this model isn’t for everyone, but I would push for it if you’re keen on photography and the like. If you’re one of the lucky few who do purchase the Sony RX1R II, it won’t disappoint and will live up to your expectations.