How To Speed Up Google Chrome on Windows

How To Speed Up Google Chrome on Windows

October 1, 2018 By alberto

    Is Google Chrome performing very slowly? Has it become unresponsive? You might like some tips to speed up Google Chrome. This article contains all the information you are looking for.

    Most of us prefer google chrome as our default web browser. It is one of the most popular web browsers. Sometimes, It may perform too slowly. So optimizing its performance is an essential matter for us.

    What Slows Down Chrome?

    In the beginning, Chrome was very slow on Windows 10. But, Now, There are no more issues. Still, some users have complained that chrome becomes dramatically slow on their PC. Does it have any particular reasons? Here are a few things that can slow down this web browser.

    1. Maybe, Your PC gets older. As Chrome is a resource hungry browser, it may not get enough CPU power that is necessary to make it performs smother. In this case, Other browsers also perform slowly.
    2. Firewall and antivirus programs are often to be blamed for slowing down internet browsing speed. So, It is possible that these security programs are affecting chrome performance.
    3. Too many extensions, junk files and corrupted cache and temporarily date can be another reason for your browser slowdown problem.
    4. Outdated versions of Chrome perform slower because of incompatibility issues.
    5. Virus and Adware problem is also a common reason behind slowing down a browser.

    There are many other minor things that may affect its performance. But, You still have things to do to make everything right.

    Essential Steps to Speed up Google Chrome on Windows 10

    Boosting chrome’s performance is easy but a bit long process. To do it, You can follow these necessary steps –

    1. Clear Browsing Data

    Cached files and cookies make web browsing faster. But sometimes it decreases browser performance. So we may experience slow speed while we are browsing. So clear cached and cookies when google chrome gives you a poor performance. To clear cached and cookies follow these steps-

    Clear Cache and Cookies on Google Chrome

    • First of all, Open Chrome.
    • Now, Press CTRL + SHIFT + Del on the keyboard. It will lead you to a new page.
    • Select “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data” and click on Clear Data.
    • Then, Relaunch Chrome.

    2. Disable Unnecessary Plugins

    Plugins may reduce performance. So we have to disable some plugins which are not necessary. You will enjoy a better browsing experience if you do it. To disable plugins follow the steps below.

    1. At first, Go to chrome://plugins/ by using your address bar.
    2. Now, Unmark the plugins which are not necessary and delete some extra plugins which will not be your necessary in the future.

    3. Disable Extensions

    Extensions may slow down your google chrome browser. So disable and delete some extensions from your browser. To do it follow the steps below.

    1. At first, Go to chrome://extensions/ by using your address bar.
    2. Now, Uncheck some extensions which are not necessary and delete some unecessary extensions.

    chrome extensions window

    4. Remove Unnecessary Web Apps

    This is very easy. Extra web apps can affect your browser performance. So, I would like to suggest you remove the web apps you don’t need. To do it –

    • Simply, Type chrome://apps/ in your chrome browser’s address bar and press Enter.
    • Now you will see all web apps.
    • Right click on which you want to remove and select Remove from chrome.

    removing web apps

    5. Resetting

    If you don’t find any benefit from the steps above, you may reset your google chrome browser. It’s entirely up to you. To Reset follow the steps below-

    1. Go to chrome://settings/ by address bar.
    2. Now click on Show advance setting.
    3. Now Click on Reset Browser Setting.

    6. Run Chrome Cleanup Tool

    Chrome has an excellent cleanup tool. It automatically detects harmful software and apps that affect chrome performance. To use this tool, follow these things.

    • At first, Type chrome://settings/cleanup on the address bar and press enter. It will lead you to the cleanup page.
    • Now, Find and remove the unwanted software.

    Hopefully, It will speed up Google Chrome.

    Advanced Methods to Boost Chrome Speed

    The methods mentioned above are straightforward. These are basic methods. So, Now, Let’s look at the superior ways to boost browsing speed in this browser.

    1. Enable/Disable Hardware Acceleration

    If you have a very old PC with low power processor and RAM, you should disable hardware acceleration. Otherwise, You can keep it enabled. To do it, follow these things.

    • At first, Type chrome://settings on the address bar and hit enter. It will open the setting page.
    • Now, Find and enable/disable Use hardware acceleration when available.

    2. Enable Experimental Canvas Features

    If you are an advanced user, You can enable experimental canvas features. It will boost your browsing speed with google chrome. To enable it –

    • Simply type chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-canvas-features in your address bar and press enter.
    • Now click on enable of Enable experimental canvas features and then click on Relaunch.

    4. Enable Scroll Prediction

    It is so easy step.

    • Simply type chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-prediction in the address bar and press enter.
    • Now click on enable & Relaunch like before.

    5. Fast Tab/Window Close

    Allowing Fast Tab/Window Close can help you to get speedier experience with chrome.

    • Go to chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload like before.
    • Click on Enable and Relaunch.

    6. Automatic Tab Discarding

    This step helps to reduce resource usage in chrome. Simply go to chrome://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding and enable it.

    7. Raster Threads

    Increasing rester threads number let google chrome to show images more quickly. Because It reduces image rendering time. To do it –

    • Simply go to chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads.
    • Click on Default and select 4 from the drop-down menu.
    • Click on Relaunch.

    8. Simple Cache for HTTP

    Enabling simple cache in chrome makes your browsing experience faster. To enable it –

    • Navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend.
    • Click on Default and select Enable from the drop-down menu.
    • Then, Click on Relaunch.

    One Chrome Extension can Reduce CPU Power and Optimize Chrome’s Performance

    There is an extension called OneTab. That can reduce browser CPU usage and speed performance. You can try that extension. Hope, That will help you.

    I hope by following these steps you will get better performance from your favorite google chrome browser and fix the slow down problem.