Speed Up Android Phone / Tab – Ultimate Tips

September 25, 2018 By kirsten

    Hello android lovers! I hope your days are going well. Today i’m here to give you some tips to speed up your android phone’s performance. Hopefully, you will follow my tips and boost your android performance.

    Sometimes you may fall in a  disappointing situation because of your android performance. May be you have noticed that your android device is not performing well. This is really a big trouble. To avoid this kinds of problem i always suggest you to buy good android device.

    Speed Up Android Phone / Tab - Ultimate Tips

    There are so many cheap android device available in the market. Many of them are unknown brand. Don’t buy them. After some days cheap and poor android device will suck you. Anyway, which android device you are using that’s not fact. There are some steps to speed up android performance. It will work on any device. So i won’t talk more. Now i’ll give you 5 effective tips to speed up android performance.

    How To Speed Up Android Phone:

    You just have to follow 5 basic steps to avoid poor performance problem. Lets know these steps.

    Step-1: Delete All Unnecessary Apps, Widgets And Shortcuts-

    You will find many apps in your android device which are unnecessary. You are no longer using these apps. But those apps are using your resources such as disk space, RAM, CPU etc. Delete these apps completely. Make sure there are no unnecessary apps in your android phone/tablet or any device. And you should also clear unnecessary widgets and delete all unnecessary shortcuts. It will speed up android performance

    Step-2: Clean Up Storage-

    There many unnecessary files in your memory card or phone memory. Find them and delete completely. Specially check your download folder and delete unnecessary files. May be you have some files that aren’t supported by your device. Delete them. It will boost your android performance.

    Step-3: Clear Cache, Cookies And History-

    You android device may not perform well for so many cached data, cookies. It slow down well device. So you need to clear cached data regularly. Just go to setting>Device Storage Page and now clear cached data. To clear application cache files. Go to setting>Applications>Manage Application. Now select your apps and clear cache. To clear cookies go to setting>Privacy Setting. Now clear your cookie, history.

    You can use Clean Master (Speed Booster) to do it. Else there are so many android apps to speed up android performance.

    Step-4: Use High Performing Memory Card-

    There are so many cheap memory cards in the market. Don’t buy them. Use a very good memory card. A good memory card’s data transferring rate and others performances are so much better than a cheap and poor performing duplicate memory card. So use a good and high speed memory card to speed up android performance.

    Step-5: Limit Or Disable Background Process:

    Its one of the most important thing you need to do. Background processes eat up your battery and performance. There are many apps that can be run in background. Disable their background run permission. And you should disable sync for unnecessary apps. You can do it from your setting option. To disable background process for Google’s services such as gmail, chrome, calender etc., just navigate to Android setting. Tap on google and now tap on account name. You see a list of google apps. Turn of sync for the apps which are not necessary for you.


    By following this 5 steps, you can get full performance by android. If it doesn’t work for you, you can reset your phone.